Sensation Essay

SensationPsychology is one of the broadest branches of science as it is comprised of various fields and subfields that study various aspects of human behavior and through different approaches. Psychology focused in a lot of things that involve human behavior, attitude and cognition. Psychology is divided in various subfields depending on the particular aspect it has focused its study on.One of the human aspects that are being studied in psychology is how human mechanism perceives and processes sensations. An object that is near can be described with their qualities, such as hot, cold, red, blue, noisy, and painful, which are perceived by the senses. Through the experiences retrieved from the senses, the mind experiences pure sensation.Sensation involves taking an analytical point of view.

Its function is mere contact of the fact. It involves appearances that are unintentional. For example, when a person has a sensation of blue, it does not mean that he has any knowledge about blue.

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It means that the person senses blue but does not possess any knowledge about the object sensed (Dreyfus, 1997).The different kinds of sensation are “pain, numbness, temperature sensitivity, hearing impairment, tingling, burning or other types” (“Symptom: Sensation,” 2008, n.p.). It can be triggered by various events depending on how our body will react to the different situations. For instance, pain, as a sensation, can be caused by sickness or ailments. Meanwhile, contact with hot and cold is an example of the stimuli which the body automatically reacts to.

Therefore, under experimental psychology, psychologists are able to conduct study on sensation by merely exposing the subject on stimuli that will affect the subject as perceived by the receptor cells and will eventually react on the stimuli. Sensation goes hand in hand with perception as the subjects derive interpretation and meaning from the sensory input (Lefton & Brannon, 2006). Through exposing the subject to a particular stimulus, the receptor cells will have a reaction on the stimulus.

This in turn, the psychologists focus their studies on how man will react to a particular stimulus which include various situations and circumstances.ReferencesDreyfus, G.B.J. (1997). Recognizing Reality.

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