Sequens Mirabitur Aetas: The Following Age Will Be Amazed Essay

Latin “Sequens Mirabitur Aetas” The Latin quote “Sequens Mirabitur Aetas” literally translates to “The following age will be amazed. ” The quote can be interpreted such at our generation will leave such an impact that the following will be so amazed. Many different factors can make that impact. In our generation, we have witnessed history from past generations that have made an impact on us.

Starting with 1876 when the telephone was invented, now virtually everything is done through using a cell phone. Soon in 1898, the Wright Brothers flew the very first airplane.Later in 1963 the computer was created, allowing just about anything to be done.

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News could travel faster, organization tools grew and less paper materials were being used. Shortly after, Apollo 11 was sent to the moon in 1969. Looking from today, our age is most definitely amazed.

All these things, multiple generations take for granted. It is crazy to really think about someone coming up with the idea to make it, and then look at how it has changed and how it has made an impact on our lives. The generation will definitely be amazed by us.Our technology has allowed the entire world to grow quickly and efficiently. We have watched history happen.

The terrorist attacks will haunt the nation for ever, and allow us to remember that each day is a blessing. Our first African American president took office during our time. I’ll leave the good of that at that.

Extensive amounts of technology have been put into creating a greener alternative to just about everything. We have hybrid cars, bottles with less plastic, even alternatives to toilet paper that are set up to help our environment.The quote is empowering. It provides hope and determination to the current age. Everyone wants to leave a mark, to be remembered; but for something incredible. Whether we are remembered by our family and friends, our community, or the whole world, we want to make an impact. This impact could vary from scoring a winning goal in a game, to staring in a movie that becomes an American classic sixty years down the road, or even creating a flying car.

Wanting the next age to be amazed at your accomplishments or even stunned by your mistakes can set the bar high.It pushes you to go down that road that no one has before, to think out of the box and really apply yourself to everything that you do. Society as a whole could also make its own impact versus just the individual. Together, more can be accomplished providing the opportunity for a greater awe by the next age.

To have the following age amazed by you is an outstanding, farfetched, yet for many is very realistic. You don’t have to be at the top of your class to make an impact, just dedicated. Your drive of will and dedication on its own will start the path for an age that will be amazed by you.