Serkan was known as socialist writer, researcher

                           Serkan TÜRK

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Oya Baydar
studied at a private French school and its name is Lycée Notre Dame de Sion
Istanbul. She published her first novel while she was studying in high school. She
wrote God Has Forgot Children in the last year of high school.  Her first book was published in Hürriyet which
is newspaper company as a book. She was almost expelled from her school because
of her novel. After that adventure of literature, she was interesting in
politics for a long time. Council of the University twice rejected her doctoral
thesis rejected two times bu Councial of the university. Her thesis is about
the rise of a labour force in Turkey. Students swarm in front of university and
they protested their decision. That occupation was recorded as the first
university occupation in Turkey. After that, Oya Baydar became an assistant in
Hacettepe University.

In 1971 there
was a military coup known as 1971 Turkish military memorandum in Turkish 12
Mart Muht?ras? and during this time she was arrested because of her socialist
activities as a member of the Workers Party of Turkey. After that I worked in
newspapers, Yeni Ortam and Politika which known as columnist newspapers. By now
he was known as socialist writer, researcher woman. In 1980 Chief of the
General Staff General Kenan Evren led third military coup to break up. During
this military coup she run away to abroad and stayed in exile for 12 years in
Germany. She witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall and falling of socialist
system. After that she returned to literature. This period is depicted in the
collection of short stories like Elveda Alyo?a that provide to earn her the
Sait Faik Award.

In 1992 she
returned to Turkey and she worked as editor for the Istanbul Encyclopedia and The
Unionism Encyclopedia of Turkey. In 2000, Baydar won the Orhan Kemal Novel
Award in Turkey for her Hot Ashes Left in Turkish S?cak Külleri Kald?. Since
2013, she has started to write for an online newspaper which name is T24.



tells the story from first person view but sometimes it transforms to
independent third person of view. Therefore, pieces of novel are splitting up
and it represents whole picture of story. The main characters of the novel, one
man and one woman. They have been actively involved in the socialist movement
around the 1980s. After 1980 they had to be exiled and many years they had to
live abroad. They love together like love and revolution. When this love is
connected with the revolution but a woman and a man be defeated to life in

Dönü? tells a sad story as the name implies. Keywords in the book are
socialism, sadness and exile and they unite in the political history of the
collapse of the Berlin Wall, which is often seen in the book. Dreams are a
particular concern to love and revaluation. Then hard truths come out. All they
think like revaluation, returning and their ideologies are like solid wall.
Especially Istanbul then exile and missing life have been tracked with hope but
this hope is getting lower and lower. Everything is changed, the only thing
which does not change cities which have described with their unique tale. At
the same time novel is a kind of confrontation with all they lived. There is no
longer returning back, all they live just once, she knows she cannot change
what she did after a while.



Dönü? sometimes focuses on different characters but in the novel readers follow
the main “anonymous” character. Through years the main character fights for communism.
After 12th of March, the main character gets arrested and is
tortured. Thanks to her resolution, she earns respect from people.

The idea
which is committed by the main character was fallen down and the main character
is too old to change something and even thinks about suicide but unlike some
people, she doesn’t suicide and doesn’t think communism is not defeated. There
is nothing to do. By now fighting for her idea like scoring a goal after final
of the match. In this situation narrator doesn’t describe return way from exile
life to Turkey and also explains her life as nowhere, “Hiçbiryer”. During all
these years she has a friend who thinks the same idea with her asks her after
destroying communism “where are you in this world”. She also replies
politically I am nowhere “Hiçbiryer”. After returning Istanbul, she realizes
that she doesn’t have connection with her friends at all and when she learns
that her husband cheats her, she walks out. At the beginning of the novel
narrator just wants to go back her previous life but at the end of the novel
she just estranges herself from social life and goes to an island where few
people live. About this action she does not feel regretful and she tries to
live far from corruption of policy and she will do nothing about it.




QUOTES ( English and Turkish)

“You won’t find a new country, won’t find another

This city will always pursue you. You will walk

the same streets, grow old in the same neighborhoods,

will turn gray in these same houses.

You will always end up in this city. Don’t hope for
things elsewhere.” Konstantin Kavafis

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