PERFORMANCE POPULARITY EASY OF USE OPEN SOURCE Liberty Profile Server 1.     Liberty Profile Server is a simpler and easier to have common development and production runtimes.

2.     It has higher throughput and lower resource usage. 3.

     It supports Java EE servlets. It is mainly popular among Java developers who deploy small Java applications. It is easy only for developers who have in depth knowledge of web-sphere developer tools. It is an open source server which is free for developers but not free for production usage. Apache 1.     Apache provides authentication, virtual hosting, CGI (Common Gateway Interface) support. 2.

     It supports dynamic content interface and ASP.Net features via using Modules of Apache HTTP server. 3.

     It supports multiple platforms for instance, windows, LINUX, Mac OS. The Apache Http server is used by almost 52 percent of websites in last 22 years. It is easy to use and configure the applications for deployment. The Apache HTTP server is a free and open source cross-platform web server software which is maintained by open community of developers under the Apache Software Foundation. Tomcat 1.     It provides authentication, virtual hosting but it does not support FCGI (Fast Common Gateway Interface) support.

2.     It supports dynamic content interface and Java Servlets but It does not support ASP.Net. 3.

     It supports Java platform as well as windows, LINUX, Mac OS. It is typically used to run Java applications and only one percent of websites are development on this server in last 8 years. It is hard to configure web applications on this server.

Tomcat server is an open source software, which implements java servlets, JSP Pages and other Java Specifications. Undertow 1.     It is a flexible performant web server which provides both blocking and non-blocking APIs based on NIO. 2.

     It supports HTTP and servlet 3.1 for embedded applications. 3.     It provides non-blocking handlers for the deployment of the application.       Undertow is a new web server used for few of Java applications which needs blocking and non-blocking APIs. It is a light-weighted server because it uses normally less than of 4Mb of heap space at run time. It is an open source server which is mainly used for Java EE edition applications.