Serving in the Army Essay

They grew up knowing the redeem and the security that comes with being an American and living in a democratic society. As she says, “They could be Off partying on spring break or working their way up a high-powered career ladder. What motivates them to put that all aside for a military enlistment? ” 1 She argues that soldiers enlist because they feel they have to fight for the future of their families so they too can grow up in a society based on freedom and democracy.

In her opinion they do not fight for territory, not even the territory of their own country but for peace in a far-away country in which they are deployed. This in her pinion is a basic American trait. The Americans are patriotic, not necessarily ideological instead finding inspiration and motivation from things close to their home, in their families, their local communities and their faith. When America was founded it was founded not upon a particular territory but on an idea; the idea that all human beings have a God-given right to be free.

So when the country’s young men and women make their huge sacrifice to serve in the military they are defending much more than a piece of land. They are defending the idea of America itself. Finally she talks about how the people of America must understand the hardship and terror which the fighting men and women endure and the fundamental principles which are at stake. This does not mean that they should not question a war or a leader but instead acknowledge those who bear the burden of their defense. 2.

In the text Sarah Plain engages the reader using two of the modes of persuasion which are ethos and pathos. As mentioned previously she refers to her family which is familiar and relatable to almost all of us. Who would not do anything for their family, for their sisters for their brothers or for their daughters or sons? She uses ethos when she talks about her son and when she is trying to reach the patriot inside of the reader. For example she says, “But America isn’t just another country, it’s an exceptional country.

That idea is that all human beings have a God-given right to be free. ” She wants the reader to know that America is special and not least the young men and women in the military. Perhaps she wants this to engage the reader and some people to fight for their country because it too is special. In this text the word “freedom” is used frequently. In the USA there are a lot of different people of different colors and races but the thing that Americans want to believe is a basic American right is and that unites them is their belief in freedom.

Sarah Plain describes herself as an ordinary American woman whose child is going to war many miles away. She also presents herself as the vice-presidential running mate for John McCain and this is use of the appeal form ethos. She uses an old quote from the respected former president Ronald Reagan, Ft’U all know that some things are worth dying for. ” The speech was delivered on the 40th anniversary of the D-Day which is a national vent everybody in America knows and honors. People can relate to this, relate to idea of dying for freedom and democracy like their fathers and grandfathers did.

She uses this quote to once again appeal to the readers sense of patriotism. 3. There are many reasons why young men and women decide to join the military to possibly fight thousands of miles away in a country very different than their own; in her text, Sarah Plain talks about defending the honor of country and the values of its citizens. Her belief is that the soldiers have a great sense of patriotism and that they are not necessarily fighting for land UT beliefs and for a free society.