Seventeen-year-old attempt to escape, the kidnapper stops

Seventeen-year-old Linus Weems wakes up in a bunker all alone. The man who brought Linus to the mysterious place posed as a blind man needing assistance, but managed to kidnap Linus. As he adjusts to his new surroundings, he finds that the bunker has a kitchen, six rooms, a bathroom, but there are cameras and microphones set up all around the bunker to watch his every move. Shortly after Linus’ arrival, other kidnap victims start being brought down by the lift. The first to arrive is nine-year-old Jenny, who forms a bond with Linus. Jenny convinces the kidnapper politely to bring down food into the bunker, which succeeds. A while later, other kidnapper victims arrive, but they all have nothing in common. Anja is woman in her twenties that was a former real estate agent. Bird is fat, older business-man that seemed to get along with Anja. There was also Fred, who is a strong and muscular person that is a drug addict. The last person is Russell, who is wise and has a brain tumour. The group learn that there are punishments for whoever tries to escape the bunker. Desperate for escape, Linus tries to lure the kidnapper into the lift, but the kidnapper sends a vicious Doberman instead. The dog attacks Bird, but is then killed by Fred. Due to this attempt to escape, the kidnapper stops bringing down food, and Linus resorts to eating insects. Soon after this incident happens, Anja is then strangled to death by someone in the group, but the killer is never identified. The kidnapper plays games with the group by sending down notes in the lift, falsely claiming that Linus killed Anja, which he did not. Fred accidentally kills Bird while in a fight, while trying to protect Jenny. Russell then commits suicide, because he knew he would die anyways because of his tumour. Linus, Jenny and Fred are the only three left in the bunker, where they are starving with no food or water to drink. Fred dies after drinking bleach, because of his desperate need of food. Shortly after, Jenny dies in Linus’ arms. Linus is also theorized that he dies as well, as he finishes his diary mid-sentence.