Shakespeare of Management Essay

Yes- I can learn from sources such as Shakespeare on how to work with other people and become a successful manager. Shakespeare was not only the master of literary, but also had a deep knowledge of humanity, authority and the conflict ,struggle and fight occurred when people desire to get power and right. In his literary works, he explained more on the human conflict in detail. Take ‘Henry V’ for example, Shakespeare taught us how to encourage your tired and dispirited soldiers to beat off all the enemy attacks.

This is also useful for a management leader. Only using the power of authority to order people is not a good way for leadership.To be a good leader, you have to build a good relationship with your subordinates, for example, to listen to their opinions, then those subordinates realize that their opinions are respected , therefore, they trust you and support you, and become loyal to you. However, how to create a reliance between a leader and subordinates? Shakespeare told us that leader must have all the basic characters: competence, commitment and communication.

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Competence Competence is the most important factor to build a reliance between leaders and subordinates. As a leader, you must be able to manage your subordinates and deal with a wide array of issue.On the other hands, as a subordinate, you have to have enough competence to finish the task which your leader gives you. If a subordinated is a helpless person who cannot do the task perfectly, the leader would not empower he/her. In the same way, if a leader is a helpless person, his subordinates would express doubt about whether the leader has ability to lead or not, and it is difficult for the subordinates to follow their leader. In ‘Henry V’, Shakespeare gave a good example about how to build a good relationship between leader and subordinate’. Henry V was a great example for a great leader since he had the ability to lead his soldiers.

In 1415, Henry V leaded his team which had only 6000 people to regain the land which he lost hundreds years ago. However, their enemy, the French, had more than 60000 people to go to the war. This war seemed hopeless because the enemy was too strong and Henry V’s team was extremely tried. But surprisingly, because of Henry V, the England achieved the final victory. Henry V was brave and smart, and he also had a good strategy for this war.

For example, Henry V realized the superiority of low bow, so he decided to forgo the cross bow and used long bow instead. He also changed he structure and used more archers instead of infantry. Besides that, he took the advantage of the geography and lurkered in the forest to force the French to move slowly. Furthermore, he made full use of the weather. The battlefield became muddy because of the rain, and it was a disaster for the French, everyone wore a suit of armour which was 60 pounds, they could not stand up when they slipped backward, and they would drown in the swamp when they slipped forward. During this campaign, Henry V showed his superior leadership. Moreover, the soldiers were important too.First of all, they believed in Henry V.

They thought that Henry V was able to lead and win the campaign. In fact, he was. So they followed the steps which Henry V gave to them without any doubt.

But of course, if you dig deeper, you would find another important factor, which was the competence of the soldiers: they had to be able to fight. They were only 6000 people and without any strong weapons, but they were brave and strong. The fight continued for several hours, the French lost 6000 people but Herry only lost about 450 people, from this it can be seen that the great competence of England soldiers.Commitment & Communication Why does Henry V’ s soldiers believed in Henry V? The most important reason was the speech which Herry V gave to them before they started. Henry V went among his soldiers, and listened to their experience and discussion. After that, he stood on a big stone and gave that famous speech. It’s the part of the speech that Herry V gave: “That he which hath no stomach to this fight, let him depart; his passport shall be made and crowns for convoy put into his purse. We would not die in that man’s company that fears his fellowship to die with us.

.. (Shakespeare, 1599) “Old men forget: yet all shall be forgot, but he’ll remember with advantages what feats he did that day: then shall our names familiar in his mouth as household words: Harry the King, Bedford and Exeter, Warwick and Talbot, Salisbury and Gloucester, be in their flowing cups freshly remembered.This story shall the good man teach his son, and Crispin shall ne’er go by, from this day to the ending of the world, but we in it shall be remembered; we few, we happy few, we band of brothers; for he today that shed his blood with me shall be my brother. (Shakespeare, 1599) Herry V traced out the prospect of the success.

He talked about God, but he did not mention the “lose”. He said the son would be proud of his father because his father had been participated in this war. He said they were brothers, he was one of them, and he was closely connected them together. Moreover, Herry V did not want to force anyone to follow him, because in that way, the honor would be diluted. He said to his army that those soliders who were unwilling to fight could leave, and the rest of them would become a popular legendary.

Same as in a workplace nowadays, we are unable to advocate religion, but we can remind our subordinates that our action is gracious, thus every action they do is not only for company, but also for themselves. Besides that, Herry V had done something else when he was 28 years old. He asked Archbishop of Canterbury a simple question on whether he had a possibility to regain the land, but the archbishop’s answer was confusing. The abstract is as follows: “Nor did the French possess the Salique land until four hundred one and twenty years.After defunction of King Pharamond,idly supposed the founder of this law; who died within the year of our redemption four hundred twenty-six; and Charles the Great subdued the Saxons, and did seat the Frence beyond the river Sala, in the year Eight hundred five. Besides, their writers say, King Pepin, which deposed Childeric, did, as heir general, being descended of Blithild, which was daughter to King Clothair..

.. ” (Shakespeare, 1599) The archbishop had not directly answered his question, until Herry V repeated his question again (the answer was certain).The archbishop’s performance was not outstanding, but in the real workplace, the senior manager also acts like that, they speak awkwardly, use the words, examples, figures and tables which are ambiguous. In fact, Henry V already had the answer before his started the conversation with the archbishop Canterbury . But why did Henry V still come and meet the archbishop? Because Herry V wanted to hold church together and seeked approval from them, moreover , Henry V wanted to find a legal and justicial reason to aggress French. Now, no matter in business circles or political circles, that experience was used more frequently.In “Herry V”, there are a lot of themes from which we can learn.

For example, Herry V had banned army to plunder the property and harass the French people when they invaded France, but Bardolph, Henry V’s friend in his childhood, stole a chalice in a church in France and was arrested. Herry V’s soliders were waiting and they wanted to know whether the King would execute his friend or not. A lot of people thought Bardolph should be released because they really needed people to fight, but Herry V decided to gibbet his friend because Herry V wanted the French people to know their King of England would not connive the misdeed.

Fortunately, the CEO at the present age can not gibbet the employees who infringe the company rule, but the punishment for the employees who break the company’s rules should be discussed by the senior managers. After the war, Herry V met the King of France together with the Queen and the Princess in palace in Paris. In order to appease the French soldiers and civilians, Henry V proposed to Katharine Princess. After all, Henry V just threw the King out and killed 6000 french soldiers. A nice communication and skillful persuade could give a good start of the new King and Queen.

Below is the proposal that Herry V gave to Princess Katharine, this vow is between the lines passed Herry V’s wisdom: “Fair Katharine, and most fair, will you vouchsafe to teach a soldier terms such as will enter at a lady’s ear and plead his love-suit to her gentle heart? And while thou livest, dear Kate, take a fellow of plain and uncoined constancy; for he perforce must do thee right, because he hath not the gift to woo in other places: for these fellows of infinite tongue, that can rhyme themselves into ladies’ favours, they do always reason themselves out again. What!A speaker is but a prater; a rhyme is but a ballad. A good leg will fall; a straight back will stoop; a black beard will turn white; a curled pate will grow bald; a fair face will wither; a full eye will wax hollow: but a good heart, Kate, is the sun and the moon; or, rather, the sun, and not the moon; for it shines bright and never changes, but keeps his course truly. If thou would have such a one, take me; and take me, take a soldier; take a soldier, take a king. And what sayest thou then to my love? speak, my fair, and fairly, I pray thee….

” (Shakespeare, 1599) Katharine asked, how does she love her enemy?Herry V answered: “No; it is not possible you should love the enemy of France, Kate: but, in loving me, you should love the friend of France; for I love France so well that I will not part with a village of it; I will have itall mine: and, Kate, when France is mine and I am yours, then yours is France and you are mine. ” (Shakespeare, 1599) At another point, Henry attempts to speak to Katharine in French, despite his words were lack of fluency: “I will tell thee in French; which I am sure will hang upon my tongue like a new-married wife about her husband’s neck, hardly to be shook….

When I come to woo ladies, I fright them. But, in faith,Kate, the elder I wax, the better I shall appear; my comfort is, that old age, that ill layer up of beauty, can do no more, spoil upon my face; thou hast me, if thou hast me, at the worst; and thou shalt wear me, if thou wear me, better and better; and therefore tell me, most fair Katharine, will you have me?… You have witchcraft in your lips, Kate: there is more eloquence in a sugar touch of them than in the tongues of the French council; and they should sooner persuade Harry of England than a general petition of monarchs.

Here comes your father. ” (Shakespeare, 1599) This courtship was very successfull and caught people’s eyes. Herry V made everybody leave, except the Princess Katharine and her maidservant. Herry V was a good listener, he could change his words quickly when Princess Katharine changed her attitude; Henry V indicated that he could be the greatest King and soldier, but he was bewildered by lady; he said he was a good person who was healthy and strong, they could stay together until they got old.Besides that, he said he loved France so much, therefore, he wanted to hold it in his hands.

Finally, Herry V used his sense of humor to move Katharine. He encouraged her, and told her the advantage for being his wife. If she disagreed to be his wife, she was still a daughter of a King who was abolished, but if she agreed, she would be the Queen of England and France, and it would be a great step for her . This event taught us that if you want to transform an enemy into a friend, you have to provide a benefit to satisfy them.Furthermore, you have to paint a wonderful picture to him for being your friend, for example the glory. Shakespeare was a such amazing people, he explained every important point of management in his literary, Henry V is just one of them.

By observing the historical personage’s expression at that time, we can fully know the main factors of leadership and management skill, and we can easily apply them into our life.