Sharing locally grown steak, a cow raised on

Sharing food generates a pleasant
sensation and creates social bonds. It is true that when you are received
somewhere, not eating the food that has been prepared for you may be wrong,
especially when your refusal is based on ethical principles. Picture marching
into a party, and presented with two varying delicacies based on culinary attachment:
on one hand, a locally grown steak, a cow raised on good old grass and without
hormones. On the other hand, a highly processed soy burger that has been grown
somewhere far away, with lots of unpronounceable ingredients. The choice would be
easy as a vegetarian. The soy burger is definitely the “moral” choice
– based on the least animal suffering, the least carbon / water misuse, and the
best way for many to sleep at night.

The relative importance of ethical eating
and table companionship will vary depending on the situation. Failure to eat
like everyone else can put you out of the way, a great number of vegetarians
find that after their “conversion” they are less frequently invited
to eat with family or friends due to the detachment. As for the new vegetarians,
they sometimes invite less than before these same people, thinking that a meal
without meat may be unattractive to their guests.

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As a vegan, in order to get yourself some
fresh food, start a big garden, and you will realize concretely the
contradiction between defending the rights of animals and the destruction of
animal habitats through agriculture. Agriculture does not lead to the death of
an animal, but to that of the entire ecosystem.

In conclusion, life is not possible
without death. It’s not just the animal that was killed on your plate, there’s
everything that was killed to produce what’s on your plate, including those who
died in the process. How many rivers have been blocked and drained for
agriculture, forests razed, layers of topsoil turned into dust and blown by the
wind? How many species are threatened by agriculture? Eating soy will not bring
them back.