SHC New Essay

I reviewed the paperwork in one month’s time to review the effectiveness and to ensure people were getting it right, did find there were small issues, and 2 members f staff had been struggling with this. I held another staff meeting to discuss how the staff felt they were getting on and compare the difference from the previous paperwork and to See if I could assist in raway. Had 1-1 supervision with 2 members off staff.

The company every Tuesday send a “Weekly communication” to all services, this is to ensure that all information is communicated effectively and all services are aware of all new changed IEEE new policies and procedures. I display this on the staff notice board so al staff are aware. Before this was implemented a survey to see what staff thought as the best was to communicate information, the results of the survey identified that a communication via email was the most popular, they compared the effectiveness of different communications systems for partnership working.

After the first communication a survey was sent out to see how effective the weekly communication was and to see if anyone proposed any improvements to weekly communication. The outcome of the survey was that the staff felt as though this was a good system to use as previous communications were not that effective and were not communicated well. Being able to communicate is a major feature of being unman. Throughout the working day we absorb information and pass this on to other people. Communication is vitally important if a team is to work effectively.

Almost everything I do at work relies on communication. Communication is the basis of interaction and skills in speaking, writing and specially, listening are essential when working with older people in my service. The interaction and communication I carry out within my setting are with the resident, colleagues, relatives and other agencies and professionals. As I am interacting with diverse group of people each day, I need to use a rarity of communication skills depending on the person I am communicating with and the context in which the communication take place.

I have to be aware of the fact that I need to use appropriate language and terminology for my message to be understood. For example, when I am communicating with a resident with Dementia or who is deaf. When talking to someone with hearing problems I must get down to their level, observe and listen carefully to what they are saying/asking, keeping eye contact during the conversation, asking short questions and wait patiently for their answer.