She again.” he said with a shrug.

She stared at the wall and cried. The young girl’s parents had just died, and now she lost her closest friend. My teacher thought it was a good way to show us how to make a tragic and emotional story. Watching the dramatic film, I threw some popcorn in my mouth. I just had to survive the boring movie until the bell rang. I honestly thought dramas were unrelieved (which is how my grammar teacher likes to say boring).  Thankfully they brought us popcorn to cope with it. Just a few more minutes. I watched the clock desperately until it finally rang signalling the end of the day. I shot out of my seat and ran for the door. The weekend awaited me. After packing up my stuff, the halls were filled with loud chatter and laughing as students made plans for the weekend with friends. My plans were already in order. I was going home with three of my closest friends and staying the night. “You ready?” Teddy asked as he met me outside. Scarry”Yep,” I said eager for the others to get here, “do you know where everyone else is?””Probably running late again.” he said with a shrug. As soon as he said it, two people ran out the door.”Sorry. Ms. Megan was droning on and on about homework.” Ash apologized.”Man, I hate that teacher!” I heard Nathan mutter.A car pulled up. Teddy opened the door to let us all in, and then he hopped into the front seat.”Hey sweetie! How was your day?” His mom asked.”Better now that it’s the weekend.” he told her buckling in. A fifteen minute drive later we were at Teddy’s house. I hopped out and walked to the front step. They lived in a large two story house that was painted beige and trimmed with white. Off in the distance I heard a dog barking, a cold breeze sent shivers up my spine. The shadows looked like they were creeping towards us. I don’t know why I felt so paranoid, but something definitely didn’t seem right. I shook it off and walked into the house following my friends.I plopped down onto the sofa with my backpack. We watched tv and played video games until Teddy’s mom announced dinner. We raced to the kitchen as she set down two pizza boxes. We dug in hungrily. I finished first.”Ha! I win!” I announced raising my hands in the air.”We weren’t even racing!” Nathan told me finishing his second slice.”I know.” I reached for a third slice of bacon covered pizza when Ash whacked my hand.”If you take a third piece you lose.” She said with a smile daring me to do it.”I won’t lose; I’ll at least beat Teddy.” I said looking at Teddy. He gulped down his bite.”I’m just trying to savor it.””Sure you are. You don’t have to hide it, we know you’re a slow eater.” I teased laughing. He glared at me. I reached for the slice and shoved it into my mouth. We started heading for bed as soon as we finished. Teddy and Nathan were going to sleep in Teddy’s room; while Ash and I slept in the guest room next to them. I changed into a pair of fluffy warm pants and shirt with Foxy on it. Foxy is a character from one of my favorite games on my computer. As soon as I jumped onto the bed, I fell asleep. I jumped awake as I heard a loud crash. Groggily, I stumbled out of bed. A crescent moon shone in from the window, dimly illuminating parts of the room.”Ash?”She didn’t answer. She wasn’t in her sleeping bag. I walked over to the door and opened it. I walked over to the boy’s room. I knocked on the door a couple times. They didn’t answer. It was rude, but I let myself in without their consent. “Teddy? Nathan?” Still no answer.I heard a noise that sounded like pans and bottles banging together come from downstairs. I made my way down to the kitchen. “Mrs. Callon? Mr. Callon?” Still silence. I turned on the light to see a big black monstrous  creature. It resembled a wolf in a way. Some of its dark fur was matted and tinted with red. It bared fangs stained with crimson blood, that I could only assume was from its victims. Blade like claws matched its sharp teeth. What scared me the most was the eyes. White pupils glowed inside black sclera; the iris was a bright red that would glow in the dark. I was frozen by fear. “What’s your name?” Its voice was scratchy almost like it was broken.”Elena Cater.” I answered, my voice with fear. It made a ‘hmm’ sound as it looked me over. I made the mistake of glancing at the figures behind it.My eyes widened as I stifled back a gasp. My hand flew to my mouth as tears filled my eyes. There, somehow hanging from the ceiling, were my friends and Teddy’s parents. They were bloodied and deeply cut. It looked as if a wild animal came and tore them to shreds. Blood still dripped from the open wounds, making a plip sound as it hit the floor.”Who are you?” I somehow managed. My voice weak and docile with fear. My eyes never looked away from the hanging bodies.”They call me ‘The Terror’,” It sounded almost proud of the name, “and since I missed you: I’ll give you a head start to run home; but be warned, I will get you.” The Terror gave me a crooked smile as I started to run. My sneakers splashed through the murky street puddles. It was weird. I don’t remember putting my sneakers on or it raining recently. I slowed a bit, as much as I didn’t want too, and looked at the puddle. It was crimson and my sneakers were now stained red. It was blood.Even more panicked I jumped to the dimly lit sidewalk and kept running. I glanced to the shadows and saw multiple eyes and teeth curled into smiles glowing white. Shadowy hands reached out, trying to pull me into the shadowy depths. They started a chorus of insane laughter. I ran faster and I saw my house a few yards away. I was so close.The Terror jumped in front of me. He let out a maniacal laughter that echoed. I was frozen by fear again. Tears fell from my eyes. This was the end! I am going to die! I thought. I wish I could tell my parents goodbye and that I loved them!With a glinting smile, he lunged at me jaws open wide and claws extended. I closed my eyes waiting for the impact. Nothing came. I opened my eyes to see a royal blue painted room with white shelves lined with books. It was just a dream. Relieved, I turned towards my alarm clock. I groaned realizing that today was Monday. Somehow I just skipped the weekend. Mom told me I got sick from eating too much pizza and Mr. Callon dropped me off at my house; and then I slept through Sunday. I arrived to school but it didn’t feel right. My friends weren’t here.Maybe they developed a stomach bug, I thought. Frankly I didn’t believe my own excuse. I gathered my stuff for first period and there was still no sign of Ash, Teddy, or Nathan.I walked to my classroom and looked around. It was dark.”Wait. This isn’t my classroom.” I said looking around. I turned to leave when a voice made me stop. “I know,” he said, “but remember what I told you? I will get you.”Tears filled my eyes as I turned toward him. The Terror stared back at me with his cruel smile. I couldn’t move, was like his eyes were hypnotizing me to stay and I couldn’t look away. He got closer to me and whispered in my ear.”Let me tell you a fact about me: I will always keep to my word.”He backed away letting his demoniac laughter fill the room. I closed my eyes and cried knowing this is how I will die. The door slammed shut.