“””Sometimes things and plots to kil her family

“””Sometimes a thunderbolt will shoot from a clear blue sky; and sometimes
into the midst of a peaceful family-Without warning of gathering storm
above or slightest tremble of earthquake beneath – Will fall a terrible
fact, and from that moment on everything is changed. The air is thick with
cloud, and cannot weep itself clear. There may come a gorgeous sunset
though.” – George McDonald
I got that quote from the beginning of the book “She Said Yes” The story
about the struggles of Misty Bernall, and her daughter Cassie. You might
know Cassie as the young lady with a gun to her head said “yes” to the
question “do u belive in God” at the bloody scene of columbine. But I must
say, after reading this book, her faith wasn’t always so strong. Her mother
had to “think, work hard, and expect the best” to get cassie at to where
she was at the point of the shooting.

Misty Thought, Misty felt that her daughter Cassie was drifting away from
her so as any expecting mother would, she went through a couple of Cassies
letters and to her surprise, found something she never thought she would,
inside her drawer were letters feeled with hatefull things and plots to kil
her family a spells of witchcraft, most of the letters were to Cassie’s
best friend. And therefore, even though it was a very hard and long
struggle Misty Worked hard from keeping Cassie out of the mess she had
gotten herself into, weather it was sending Cassie to a Christian private
school, or putting a restraining order on her devious bad influential best
friend. They also kept a very good eye on there daughter, for awhile not
letting her really do anything, except go to church functions, which made
due to even harder work as im sure u could only use ur imagination on
Cassies out bursts, and temper tantrums. But like any good mother, Misty
expected the best, constantly telling Cassie that she loved her and would
always be there for her no matter how much Cassie screamed and shouted.

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Misty never stopped expecting the best, in that I belive is what helped
Cassie change her life around. Cassie started going to church more and more
frequently and actually enjoying it, and little by little started to be
happy again. At one point Cassie had gone to a retreat with the youth group
at a friends church, this I belive is the main point of which She realized
she wasn’t going anywhere with her life, during praise and worship at the
retreat she stated to have started balling and crying out to God. But that
doesn’t mean there wasn’t a struggle, but for the first time she had a real
desire to change her life around and im sure u could only realize how happy
her family was to find out about that. In the end of all of that madness,
she had completely changed her life around. Due to Cassies determination,
the act of God, and Misty Thinking Working and expecting the best, That at
the moment of tragedy in the library with Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris and
the other hundreds of terrified and bloody students, that Cassie had the
courage and Faith to Say “Yes”
Thank You