She Walks in Beauty Essay

She Walk in Beauty Lord Byron’s poem “She Walks in Beauty” is in the voice of a man who is describing a woman’s exceptional beauty. Throughout the poem, he explains the woman’s physical beauty as well as her spiritual and intellectual beauty. The speaker of the poem is simply admiring the woman’s beauty.

The author used words like beauty, best, grace, sweet, eloquent, and innocent to give the reader a clue to the tone that should be used when reading this poem.Byron used a lot of imagery throughout the poem to intensify the meaning of the poem by using figurative language. Byron’s diction in this poem was metaphorical in order to help us visualize the pureness of this woman’s beauty. He tells us this woman’s beauty is strong enough to brighten up a dark night.

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We visualize a perfect night as a clear dark night sky with beautiful bright stars shining down on the earth which couldn’t even compare to this woman’s perfect beauty.Byron demonstrates alliteration by focusing in her mind in lines 11-12 when he says “Where thoughts serenely sweet express, How pure, how dear their dwelling-place. ” He focuses on her internal features instead of her physical features and uses repetition of the ‘s’ sound to soothe the reader while describing the woman’s thoughts.

By the ending the author convinces the readers that this woman is perfect and has a perfected balance to her beauty. He used effects of light and dark to create this allusion of balance.