Shoeless Joe Jackson Persuasive Essay

A voice inside tells Kinsfolk, “If you build it he will come”, He is Shoeless Joe and It is the baseball field. To Kinsfolk, Shoeless Joe has played and extremely important role in his life. He talks about how he and his dad watched baseball together, drooling over their favorite teams and players. For the audience, these entries provide a sense of hope and togetherness.

Even though Kinsfolk and his family are struggling with money, he still sets out to build his dream field.Cutting the cornfield is causing his family to lose tons of money both room non-profit and having to lay out the field and buy equipment. Being able to still dream big but have nothing is truly inspiring to others. Ray Kinsfolk had a dream and put it in action.

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With the support of his wife and child and the spirit of baseball in mind, he made his dream come true. W. P. Kinsfolk displayed both his characters passion about baseball and his desire to build a baseball field in his backyard Not only is this book about baseball, it’s about hope, dreams, and life..