Shopping: National Mall and Limited Editions Things Essay

There are a lot of people love shopping.

Shopping the very name makes every person smile especially the women. The very idea of shopping makes people forget their worries. They are Very enthusiastic about getting dressed up, mentally making a list of Things they need, thinking of calling up their friends and of course the very pleasure of window shopping just cannot be described.

Getting out Of the house going to the mall or shop itself is a mood appetiser for all. We have many types of shopping; some people like to shop online, going to malls and travel to shopping for example shopping in London or Dubai.Everyone has one have a reason to go shopping also have likes and dislikes when they shopping. I love shopping very much and I enjoy it but there are some of the things I hate it when I shopping. I enjoy when I shop for make up I love color of it, also I love to chose the perfume especially the limited editions things, I like to shopping with my sisters or with my mother, also like to shopping in quiet malls at morning, I love to shopping online because there are a lot of special things on it. I am very interested in shopping, especially for clothes. Sometimes I’m satisfied and sometimes I’m not because I don’t get my favorite clothes.Sometimes the price is expensive.

My country is my favorite place to shop. In that place everything is ok because on the whole it is very cheap. You can get any material. It comes from America, China, Dubai, and from many directions. This is one reason it’s cheap and why I like shopping. Some of things makes me angry when I shopping. First, when I go to malls in the weekend because there are a lot of people and hassle, also when I want things and they sold out from shop, when I try the clothes in the fitting room ,also when I don’t have enough money to shopping and I don’t like to wait for a weeks when I order some things from the internet.

Finally, shopping is necessity thing in ours life. Because we need something: clothes, shoes, and something…

Like to enjoy my time shopping because I like to renew my wardrobe and update my style. I prefer to walk around shops, relax, and concentrate on my shopping. However, shopping would get to dull if it became my daily routine. I feel nervous when I can’t find what I want. Sometimes shopping can be time when you feel relax, and sometimes you feel angry.