Despite is good if you can give

Despite all this, it is essential to keep one thing in mind; the disabled should not be considered as being less capable than any normal human being. What is all the more important is that the disabled should not be treated differently by anyone just because they are different? Treating the disabled as being normal not only boosts up their confidence but also helps them in making understand things better.

We all love spending thousands of bucks on ourselves blindly; we can at least consider spending at least one tenth of our income in providing services to the disabled. If is good if you can give your time to institutions helping the disabled; if not, the least you can do is providing monetary help.

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Any normal individual is blessed enough to dedicate a few hours in a week in helping the disabled. Serving the disabled is like serving God because God has made you capable enough for the reason that you help others to live their life as happily as all of us dream about. Being able to conduct our day to day activities in a proper manner puts us in a position to help those who cannot do the same.

Helping a blind man cross the road, donating wheel- chairs to those who cannot walk, etc are a few things you can easily do to provide help. Just like you, that disabled individual also deserves all the happiness in life, all they need is a little bit of support and a lot of love.

Both monetary and voluntary help is required for making the lives of the disabled better with every passing day. Yes you are successful if you have carved your name in any respective field of your desire but the happiness you will derive by serving and helping the disabled cannot be compared to anything else in the world.