Einstein’s all artists still cherish the smile

Einstein’s works are still relevant in every step of Science. While Bradman is the yardstick of reference for all batting legends of the world, Pele is the role model for all aspiring football stars. All sculptors desire Michelangelo’s craftsmanship, while all artists still cherish the smile of Da Vinci’s Monalisa.

These personalities have immortalised themselves by their devotion and love to their causes of life. Being far too young I can only pray to Lord Almighty that like these illustrious trailblazers, I too can find the spark within me, whatever be the field. As a teenager, I love many things. But whenever I have sat before a canvas to paint, I have spent hours at a stretch without being tired. It is perhaps far too early to say, but irrespective of what my parents and teachers think and wish for me, I would love to see myself as a painter in the long run.

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In my long journey through time I can only try; and leave the rest in the hands of the Omnipotent. I would like to carve out my identity not only as a fine artist, but also as a fine human being because I believe without becoming a good human being I can never aspire to be a great artist. As of now, I would like to stop thinking about my identity through time and just concentrate on my passion for painting.