Chandragupta a world where Dharma or ‘righteousness’

Chandragupta Maurya under the guidance of his master Chanakya dreamt of overpowering the Nanda dynasty. He achieved this and laid the foundation of one of the greatest empires known in history. Emperor Ashoka had the world at his feet after his victory at Kalinga but decided to give up the policy of conquest through warfare and bloodshed. He dreamt of a world where Dharma or ‘righteousness’ would win the hearts of people. He did everything possible to transform his dream into reality.

Emperor Akbar dreamt of a secular Hindustan where differences between Hindus and Muslims would be done away with forever because of a common faith—Din-i-Illahi. His dream of a common religion could not be carried too far but what he did to bring the Hindus and Muslims together remains unsurpassed in History even today. Legendary actor and action star Bruce Lee dreamt of making it big in Hollywood. He was already a sensation in China with movies like The Big Boss. Till date, Bruce Lee tops the list among action stars in international cinema.

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The Indian struggle for independence is replete with examples of dreamers who dared to conceive of a free India. From Lala Lajpat Rai to Mahatma Gandhi, from Bhagat Singh to Ram Prasad Bismil, we have a long list of individuals who dreamt with conviction the chasing away of the British.

A Bengali boy studying in Presidency College beat up his British professor for anti-Indian remarks and dreamt of a future where he could gather a force to challenge the British. This man refused to join the Indian Civil Service under the British government and went on to form the INA. We are talking about ‘Netaji’, the big dreamer, who scared the living daylights out of the British government.

Never fear to dream. Fear, lack of action.