Short story Essay

Short story

The car sped off.  I didn’t know what to do.  I was in a dilemma of whether to follow it or to just remain where I already was.  I had a full tank of gas and nothing to hold me back except the thought that Carla might find out I was following her.

            Carla did not like me.  I told her I liked her a lot once, but she said she was committed to someone.  She would not tell me who her boyfriend or fiancé was so I had to do what I could to learn more about her in the hope that she might pass a glance at me some time in the future.

            It was a summer morning when I saw her car parked outside the house of her boy friend.   I found out about them one time when I went to watch a movie; they were together and cuddling a lot.  I hated seeing them together.  My efforts to get close to them were always futile as Carla would shrug me off and her boyfriend would look at me like I was slime.

I wanted to get out of my car and walk to her while she waited in her car outside her boy friend’s house.  They were going somewhere, I was sure of it, I already knew hours before I went into the house and found Emil getting his boots ready.  He was not alone.  He was with another girl and he was cuddling her the way he cuddled Carla when I saw them at the theater.  I was enraged.  Carla came to pick her boyfriend up but it was hours after the paramedics had gone.

Mrs. Bluetail probably called Carla and told her what had happened to Emil and his other lady love.  Mrs. Bluetail probably told Carla how terribly disfigured Emil’s face was after he saw me standing over him and his lady love.  They could not see me though, I am invincible.  Nobody can see me, even Carla can’t most of the time.  I saw her take the call from her cellular phone when I was seated in my car watching her from a distance.

I really like Carla.  I don’t want some bum making her believe that she is the only one even when he is gallivanting with some girl.  The girl was even much younger than Emil or Carla and she had pigtails on her hair and she was eating an ice cream cone.  The car sped off, fast; the following day, I read the headlines.

“Bluetail siblings killed; brutally mauled by madman.”

I am not mad; I just like Carla a lot.  I would do anything for her.