Should College Athletes Be Paid? Essay

Would you allow a program that makes several million dollars a year to pay 85 of its hardest working employs to be paid zero dollars and zero cents? You might be screaming you head off at the injustice.

In most cases I would agree with you, but let me explain. This program is a typical NCAA Division I college football team. College athletes should continue to not be paid under any circumstance. Of all the money generated by the athletic department of a university, 80% is from football and 20%is form men’s basketball.

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The other 10 sports either break even or lose money. All of the profit from football and basketball is used to help small sports such as golf, swimming and woman’s volleyball, or the school reinvests it by buying new facilities or expanding the stadium. In order to pay player, $164,000 would be taken form that budget and distributed among 82 wild frat boys. All most every small sport would vanish faster than you could buy tickets to the game. My cousin Sally couldn’t afford to go to college but happed to be a dominant swimmer.

Thus, a scholarship was available. How would this girl have made it if small sports had been cut? What happens when you get a small taste of something good? You become a greedy pirate. This is the same for most 19-24 year olds. Paying student athletes would send the number of NCAA violations skyrocketing.

Even average players would be asking for a slice o pie on the side. Not only do some players not deserve extra pay, they don’t deserve any pay at all.Biased on Title IV and other NCAA and Federal laws men and women would have to be paid equally. Do you think the star running back and the third string punter deserve the same pay? Reggie Bush was offered $100,000 to play for Oklahoma.

Instead, he went to USC for $100,000, a new car, and a house for his mom. Most collegiate scholarships are valued from $10,000 to $250,000. This is a large sum of money for kids from improvised backgrounds as many are.

Also, most kids don’t care enough to finish high school.Scholarships not only keep kids in school but also encourage kids to make good enough grades to remain eligible. If students athletes begin to get paid the number of scholarships would diminish faster than a top high school recruit running the 40 yard dash. No student athlete should ever be paid.

They are a student first not an athlete student. What if you had the opportunity to receive your degree from a top University, cut there wasn’t a scholarship available?