Should English Be a National Lanauge of US Essay

Topic: Should English be the national language of the United States? Yes, English should be the national language of the United States. Why? There are 85 percent of other countries that have a national language, why not the United States. Of 52 states in the U. S. 30 has made English the national language. Learning Objective: The reason why I want to concentrate on this issue is because I want to explain why United States should make English the national language not for all nations just for United States, where Americans live.

Tentative Thesis: English should be the national language of America, so that Americans would have a language of their own. People who resided in America should be aware that English is the national language and therefore, should be able to speak and understand it in order to communicate. Proposal: America is due to put into place the English language as the National language of the United States. Although there are 30 states that have made English the national language, which does not mean that government agencies will use other languages for some other interest such as tourism, health, foreign affairs, development.

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The government is spending our tax dollars on: bilingual teachers, creating bilingual curriculum, creating tests in different languages, creating government services and court documents in other languages and paying for translators so they can have the same privileges as an American. Why should the government cater the foreigners and Illegal aliens and have the American people pay for it in many ways. It’s time for America to wake up and give back America to the Americans that were born here.

This is why English should be the national language of America, so that the Americans will have a language of their own. Foreigners and Illegal aliens who resigned in America should be aware that English is the National language and therefore, should be able to speak and understand clearly in order to communicate. There should be no other language other than English in America. Both the declaration of independence and the constitution were written in English. There are situations, where one calls 911 for help but again there is a language barrier.

Everywhere you go the foreigners and illegal aliens cannot speak English seem to be scattered all over. Businesses hire people that one cannot understand. A customer may call to get banking information and get a representative who can’t speak clear English. How does one get a job that does not speak clear English or understand? One call’s to get their credit card information and the customer cannot understand what the representative is saying because of their heavy accent from India. When people go into a restaurant and order you can barely understand the waitress/waiter too.

An a good hard working employee that barely knows and understands English in a company that has day to day contact with English speaking coworkers, cannot communicate which is very frustrating, but upper management will not get rid of this employee because of this employee’s performance. One goes to a gas station to get gas the gas attendant cannot speak or understand good English. This also goes vasa versa too. Students in college cannot speak or understand English fully and other students cannot fully understand them as well. What can we do to stop this?

Some say, instead of Americans tax money paying the bilingual teachers and having bilingual curriculum, tests in foreign languages and all government agencies that allow other language services. For the government to use that tax money for the foreigners and illegal aliens that cannot speak the language, to give them an incentive to go to school to learn English. As one can look at it this way, it’s only going to get worse as time goes by, if we the American people do not stand up and do something about this epidemic. Yes, there is a need for America to have English as the National language; to keep every American sound in this country.

This is America, where there should be only English speaking Americans. We tend to slack off more each year and forget about our own American people that were born here and cater to the immigrants and illegal aliens. Baron, Dennis. “The English Only Question. ” An Official Language for Americans . New Haven: Yale University Press, 1990. 1- 26 Print. Description: Dennis Baron states in this chapter of An Official Language that many Americans believe that English is the official language of America, it is not. He also states that nowhere does it state that in the U. S. Constitution is English privileged over any other language.

However, many Americans feel that English is just not a language but as a human essential trait. Baron explains that this issue was voiced many occasions. For example, in 1923 that English to be the American national language. There are many obstacles opposing English to be the national language of the U. S. Therefore, there are various levels of government have in dealing with the citizenry in a common language. Baron states because of a census in 1970 reported that 17 percent of Americans claimed a language other than English a figure larger than in 1940 or 1960. Blackwell, Kenneth. Make English Official,” New York Sun Description: Kenneth Blackwell states in this chapter English is the American business and government, and people who want an opportunity to participate in either will need to master English. Blackwell states that over 90% of Americans think it’s very important for immigrants to be able to speak English and over 75% of the employers have the right to require employees to speak English. Why not 100%? He says the only ones who don’t think English should be official language are the liberal activists, their trying to recast America in their image.

He continues to say that who is fluent in speaking, reading and writing in English will have a better future. Crawford, James. “Hold Your Tongue. ” Bilingualism and the Politics of English only. Reading: Addison-Wesley, 1992. 203-254 Print. Description: James Crawford specifies in this chapter that LEP which stands for limited English proficiency students that arrive in New York after the eighth grade had the option to take the required Regents’ Competency Tests in their native language, but in order to graduate they had to pass a test in English as a second language.

Crawford also mentioned that John McLaughlin once complained about two Mexican presidents whom had spoken through interpreters while being interviewed on his TV show. He was enraged saying that somebody should tell the Mexican president that when he appears on American TV that he should speak English. He also states that there are many bilingual programs that are supposed to help children but they do better in all English programs. Also he mentions that the Berkeley school district in 1988 spent $480,000 each year to educate its 571 LEP students.