Should Students Do Part Time Jobs? Essay

Many people think that students have only a duty of studying in college. They strongly agaisnt that students do part time job.

In my opinion, there are many advantages for students when having a part time job, so it’s a great idea for students to try it in their college years. First of all, Part-time jobs help students contribute to their college expenses. It helps decrease the financial burden for students’ families. Students can have money to pay for their expenditure or satisfy their desire. Moreover, when they have to work to earn money for themselves, they know how difficult it is.Thus, they learn the value of money. By this way, they will know how to use money in a more intelligent way.

Second, when taking part-time jobs, students can acquire more experiences and gain their skills. if they can find a job that having factors relating to their study, they can apply what they learn in books to their tasks. Therefore, they will have more oppurtunities to get the good work in the future because many companies nowadays need employees who are experienced in their fields. Furthermore, students also learn communication skill and time management skill.

They have to meet various kinds of people and respond to many kinds of circumstances. Part-time jobs occupy time in a day, so students should plan to fit everything in a schedule. Some people argue that a part-time job may influence students’ academic performance. The students may not have enough time left to do the assignments sometimes or feel tired to study. However, students can balance working with studying in order to not only earn money but also study well. In short, having a part-time job can help students learn valuable lessons that can last them a lifetime.