Should Students Dress Decently to Class? Essay

We are conducting a survey about “Should students dress decently to class? ” And we have interviewed Mr. XXX, Assistant head of programme from Faculty of Business & Accountancy to know his opinion regarding on our survey topic. Students have the freedom to wear whatever that would like to wear to class, but the freedom would be “control freedom”. What is means “control freedom”? It means that students have the right to choose whatever they would like to wear, as long as it is within the rule of college.

For example, everyday wears formal shirt to class is considered not so appropriate for a college student. But if college rules said wearing is . Then it will be the appropriate one. Talking about proper attire for a college student, first we talking about the guy, a T-shirt and a pair of jeans are suitable for a guy. Short sleeve can be considered too. However, long sleeve will be not so comfortable for a guy because of the hot weather in Malaysia. Neck tie is not so practical all the time. Mr.

XXX suggested that our college can enforce a rule that wearing formal shirt to class once a week. This can let the students used to be formal shirt and it will be useful when they go out to work by they will not like out of touch about what to wear. On the other hand, for the lady, they should not wear spaghetti stripes, slippers, or hot pants pair, but knee-length shorts or skirt, T-shirt or jeans to class. From Mr. XXX’s point of view, he said that make-up is good for a girl for some reasons. First, make-up makes a girl look more presentable.

There are also professional courses where they teach people how to groom. For example, the grooming course that provided by Clara International. However, make-up for guys here is means the proper hair cut that make the guy looks more presentable. Besides that, make-up also shows good impression to others. Moreover, dressing will reflect a student personality. It shows how serious a people towards a job or another people. For example, you go for a job interview with improperly dressing, people’s first impression towards you will be you didn’t take the job seriously.

It also reflect that the maturity of a person. 1. Do you agree that a student who is overdressed would show disrespectful to you as a lecturer? 2. Would you judge a student based on his/ her attire? 3. Do you think that College Management should restrict the attire of student in some formal places, such as library and lecture hall? 4. What are the causes and consequences if College sets rules that every student has to dress decently or formally to class?