Should We Care as Much About People in Other Countries as We Do About People in Our Own Country? Essay

Our world needs love and care to last. Without love and care everything we built on earth will breakup and fall. But everywhere we face the problem of racism, which till now we have no solution for it.

Racism for anything whether it’s the support for specific person or group, or racism for religions, or racism for countries. Many people think that because a person is from another country that what he/she is from, so that person is his/her enemy. Of course this idea is wrong.

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Bot unfortunately it’s common now-a-days everywhere.The racism between countries is the most common of all. For example, when I was young, I attended a governmental school in Saudi Arabia, and I was superior in my studies over the whole classes of my grade. I always used to get straight A’s in my tests and exams, and never submitted my home works late. But because I’m Egyptian and they were Saudi’s one girl felt jealousy and she didn’t accept that the foreign girl is better than her. And one day our teacher gave us an assignment to write an essay and the next day we should read to the class what we wrote.So I did my best to write good, and indeed I wrote a perfect essay.

The next day, I went in front of all the students and my teacher to read my essay and by seeing the students’ faces I could tell that my essay inspired them except for one student (whom had felt jealousy), I saw in her eyes disgust and mock. And because my teacher was Saudi also, so she supported the Saudi girl and gave her full marks and deducted my marks, even though her essay wasn’t as much good as mine, just because I’m not from their country i lost marks.At that moment I really felt the injustice and oppression, but unfortunately I couldn’t do anything to get the marks I do deserve them. And because of this attitude, it developed a feeling of hate between my friends and me.

Also another situation is that once my family and I went to USA for a visit and in the meantime my grandmother was very sick and needed to go to the hospital immediately. So we took her and when we asked for the doctor they said that he is in a surgery, so we just waited.As an American man came and he needed the doctor, they ran to get an emergency doctor and they entered him before us, without considering who is first to arrive or who is needing the doctor more. This injustice should be stopped, we all should unite for a better future and a simpler life.

I say that we SHOULD care as much about people in other countries as much as we do about people in our own country.