Should We Judge a Person by External Appearances? Essay

One person has no right to chose his own appearences when he was born. Appearances can’t prove how good or bad he is. However, it is characteristic that he creates during his life embodying his nature. I think it is not a good idea to judge a person by externals. Appearances are not synomynous with his real man. By this I mean a person with attracting outsides_ a beautiful face, a standard build might be able to behave badly. In my personal experiences, i have victimed many beautiful girls said bad things, fought each other violently in even public.

Judging a person by his appearances is not usually a right deed. A person should be considered by his characteristics, not by his outsides. It is the truth that one’s appearances were shapped by his parent. Therefore, the way he lives, how he behaves to everything around him, and what he thinks, talks are indeed the important things we must mention while estimating about him. In addition, our love, admiration, or trust for one are based on all espects he has, which we need time to discover, experience with him. Whoever can not know clearly about someone only by one’s appearances.

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Appearances could be changed overtime, but what belongs to one’s insides will survive until he die. Think about the older whose skin turns out to be wrinkle, whose backs seem to be stoop are also beautiful, helpful following their ways, such as volunteer works, supporting money, devoting their mind as much as they can. Appearances should never be a factor presenting how he is. In conclusion, never judge a person by his external appearances, we should overlook to know. As the saying goes, ” beauty is only skin deep” which our ancestors conducted through out the life is worth for us thinking. We must be wise in commenting anyone.