Should Women be Allowed to Serve Alongside Ground Infantry? Essay

Eugene Theo Instructor: Mr. Studabaker Course: PHI 2800. B03 August 2, 2012 Should Women be allowed to serve alongside Ground Infantry? Because of the ongoing war against terrorism, the question of women serving alongside ground infantry is critically relevant.

Women have been in combat situations in the past but they should not serve as part of infantry units because they can’t match the physical capacities of men ((Hoge, Clark, et al, and 327-329; Murdoch, Bradley, Mather, Klein, Turner, and Yano S3-S10).Women claim they should be allowed to serve alongside ground infantry because of equality; however this is not about equality it is about women wanting special circumstances. In addition, infantry units are distinct for their fraternity like brotherhood, tight unit cohesion, and “thick skin. ” This image of combat ready men may be tarnished with allowance of women to participate (Scarborough ). References 1. Heinecken, Lindy.

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