Shrm Essay

UNIVERSITY OF SUNDERLAND Faculty of Business and Law Examination Paper Module Code: HRM325 Module Title: Strategic Management of Human Resources Date: October 2012 Time: [UK time] Duration: 3 Hours Instructions Section A:Answer FOUR out of six questions (40 marks) – ONE HOUR Section B:Answer TWO questions from four – essay and report questions – (60 marks) – TWO HOURS You should be careful to plan the use of your time as outlined above. This is an open book examination. As such you may take into the exam, up to ten sheets (therefore twenty sides – double sided) of A4 white paper with handwritten (or typed in font size 8) notes.

You are allowed a translation dictionary. The invigilators will be requested to confiscate any sheets taken into the exam above this number and the attempt to use additional materials will deemed an infringement of the examination regulation. THE UNIVERSITY’S REGULATIONS CONCERNING CHEATING, COLLUSION AND PLAGIARISM APPLY TO THIS EXAMINATION Section A Answer FOUR questions – Each question is worth 10 marks 1. Critically assess the strengths and weaknesses of ‘best practice’ models of HRM strategy? 2. Outline and discuss the main obstacles hindering or preventing HR departments from delivering strategic HRM . What should organisations consider when developing a reward strategy? 4. How can recruitment and selection processes contribute to strategic HRM? 5. Discuss the main features of a Learning Organisation. Why is it important in a strategic HRD approach to organising development? 6. Which mechanisms of employee involvement would you recommend using as part of your employee relations strategy and why? You should allow no more than 15 minutes to answer each of these questions Section B Answer two questions – Section B is worth 60 marks (30 marks for each question) Question 1

Critically evaluate the role that performance management systems play in the delivery of SHRM. Discuss the main mechanisms used in PMS and explain the different options that can be used within them. Use organisational examples as appropriate to support your answer Question 2 For developmental activity to be deemed ‘strategic’ organisations need to shift the focus from a training’ to a ‘learning’ approach. Discuss this proposition in the context of development activity supporting individual and organisational change Question 3 Critically evaluate the use of competency based approaches in modern HR strategies.

Explain in detail how they may be used in one specific area of HR such as performance management. Use organisational examples as appropriate to support your answer Question 4 Critically evaluate ONE of the following a) In what ways can HR strategies provide the level of organisational flexibility required by modern organisations? OR b) Should reward strategies always include an element of performance related pay. Justify your answer in relation to both theory and practise? You should allocate no more than 60 minutes per answer for these questions