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volunteering abroad with IVHQ enables you to make meaningful contributions to community projects in the areas of education, construction and renovation, healthcare, childcare, wildlife and conservation, community development and social enterprise.Discover IVHQ’s volunteer abroad programs below.Teaching english Program fees From US $495 (2 weeks) to US$3355 (24 weeks)Language requirements Program fees From US$495 (2 weeks) to US$3355 (24 weeks)Language requirements- english Between 20 and 40 volunteers start each month.

Between 20 and 40 volunteers start each month Brazil, officially the Federative Republic of Brazil, is the largest country in both South America and Latin America. At 8.5 million square kilometers and with over 208 million people, The most popular tourist destinations in brazil are rio de janeiro,são paulo,and ipanema.

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Some activities that brazil have is partying dancing they have mount climbing sports games the list goes on. If i were to go to  brazil i would stay in a lodging that’s located  in Rua Nilo Dias, 50, Gramado City Centre, Gramado, CEP 95670-000, Brazil  for 53$. My job would be to teach children english in Brazil  and i would go to school for four years after i go to the military for 4 years i would leave and get my degree in english Elementary, middle, and secondary school teaching jobs in Brazil are open to licensed teachers with at least 2 years of experience at the appropriate level, as well as a BA/BS degree in a relevant area of concentration. All candidates that wish to be considered for jobs teaching  abroad in Brazil must be flexible and must have excellent communication skills.Flight costs it would cost $2,530.22 + $177.

60 (taxes) = $2,707.82 for a full round trip there and back to Sao Paulo, Brazil – from waterbury ct for 2 people i would stay there till the program ends which it only last 12 weeks so i would be leaving january 31,2018 and  i would be coming back wednesday april, 25 2024. If i were to were to move to this country and i had to have a plan my first step would be to do the volunteering program to see if teaching in brazil is something i really want to do,and to get a taste of the cultural then i would go to the airforce for 4 years so that i can go to college for free, i would then go to Cornell university to get my english degree in teaching. Not only will i have free college but i would have benefits from the military. From there i would leave for my flight  january 31,2024 i would bring my husband who also works in brazil and we would leave.

Somethings i would love to do in brazil is sight seeing  or looking at the mountains and trying new foods. The needed college years to teach is 2 but i would be having my  bachelors degree, and teaching high school from there i would work get money pay my bills explore  and learn about the latin culture.