Shyness seed to grow or to eliminate

Shyness is a human feeling that has a very complicated state of negative feeling about self or a sense of inferiority. A person who is shy has difficulty focusing on what is going on around him. Therefore, he becomes unable to establish relationships with his colleagues and people around him, so that will lead him to be isolated. The tension, confusion, and difficulty of concentrating are signs that that person suffers from shyness. No one becomes shy suddenly, shyness grows with the growth of people. It can be said that when a child is born he has a tendency to be shy as the seed of shame is created with them and now the role of  parents is how to deal with this, either to water the seed to grow or to eliminate it and go without return. Shyness is often a hindrance to people and their development. Often the cause of shyness is not known but it turns out that fear is positively associated with shyness. There are so many faces of shyness, and each one of them has many aspects. These aspects define the circumstances from the family to the highest degree of social life, and the fact that the family is the first place for the formation of the individual, it is the only one that can get rid of shyness as they developed it. Some of the reasons for shyness are mainly due to the loss of social skills. In this case, the individual’s education of the lost habits will gradually reduce his shyness. The loss of social skills in this case is not the only reason for shyness, but there are other reasons for this, but when the person get rid of them, these causes shrink permanently but they are not completely eliminated and it can be shown again that the other reason is due to the excess sensitivity of the person psychologically and physically, psychologically note that he is afraid and confusion for the least reasons and physically find him sweating Blush for reasons less and sometimes Yellowing not flushes.