Silicon Single Crystal Quartz Glass Crucible Essay

The present invention relates to a used for pulling silicon single crystal quartz glass crucible, which comprises a with the opening and closing the aperture dense sintering zone quartz glass body, in the quartz glass body inside the airtight glaze, lateral with porous. The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing quartz glass crucible crucible, wherein at least a portion of an inner layer of the substrate, wherein the crystallization promoter to promote the formation of cristobalite.

In order to provide a long service lives with the renewable nature of the quartz glass crucible inexpensive manufacturing method, the invention is recommended, the crystallization promoter and a reducing substance is added to the inner layer. The invention provides a quartz crucible for polysilicon crystallization and its manufacturing method, the crucible into regular square structure, composition of the mass ratio of silica: < 600ppm > 99. 7Wt%, alumina, iron oxide < 30ppm.

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The process : first the raw materials of high purity quartz input granulation equipment of wet granulation, particle size control in 70 ~ m 100 ~ m; then the slurry stirring, placed 24 to 48 hours after 2 ~ 3bar under pressure is injected into a plaster mold, pre grouting with slight vibration and static discharge 5 ~; in 8 hours, full dehydration after release, and within the dryer drying; finally the embryoid bodies in a kiln for sintering, opaque quartz crucible.

The scheme adopts the high pure quartz material injection molding, sintering the crucible internal organizational structure is very uniform, has excellent thermal shock stability and anti cracking ability, satisfy the polycrystalline silicon ingot production process requirements. http://www. quartzcrucible1986. com