Since 40 years of peacekeeping, Canada had sent

Since UN peacekeeping was formed in 1948, Canada has been known around the world for its incredible dedication to peacekeeping and participation in missions. One of our own Prime Ministers, Lester B. Pearson,  won the Nobel Peace prize for Canada’s outstanding effort in peacekeeping. Despite that, over the last 25 years, this has changed. Canada has decreased its total number of troops, amount of funding and is now participating in less peacekeeping missions. Instead of peacekeeping, Canada as a nation has become more and more invested in combat fighting in places such as Afghanistan and Iraq. As a result, today in society, Canada does not deserve its reputation as a peacekeeping country. One of the main factors why Canada has lost its peacekeeping reputation is its sharp decline in troops participating in UN missions. In the first 40 years of peacekeeping, Canada had sent over 80 000 troops to wear the famous blue beret which accounted for 10% of the total number. At the time, Canada was the largest contributor to UN peacekeeping and had three thousand three hundred thirty six troops in August of 1993. Furthermore, over one third of members in the Canadian military were involved, or had previously been involved in a peacekeeping mission. Since then, Canada has fallen from the top 5 all the way to seventy third (out of 124) in number of troops sent. Today, the demand for troops is at an all time high but Canada’s contribution is at an all time low. As of August 2017, there were 94 000 active blue berets. Out of those, only 34 were Canadian. The majority of these Canadians are working in an office at a UN headquarters and not actually on the ground peacekeeping. The number of Canadian troops has already decreased by over 75% in the last year and will continue to do so as missions are ending. As can be seen, Canada is phasing out of sending troops and peacekeeping altogether. As a result, Canada is also not participating in UN peacekeeping missions.