Single Parents V. Duel Parents Essay

Single parent’s versus dual parents has always been an interesting discussion point to me.

The argument on which family a child would benefit more from has supporters on both sides. In this essay I will be comparing and contrasting between the two different households and hopefully my audience will have a better understanding of some of the challenges and obstacles that each of these parents deal with on a day by day basis. One of the points I will discuss will be the guilt that both types of these households endure day in and day out.

My next point will be the different responsibilities that are expected from the children in these homes.My final point will discuss about how each of these households deals with the stress brought on by raising children.. Our first point will discuss is guilt.

I believe single parents and dual parents have an equal amount of guilt on how they raise their children. We as parents always try to give our children everything they want and need just to make sure that they grow up to be a well-rounded and successful adult. I know from personal experience this is true.

My concern about raising a child in a single parent home is that the child will grow up to fast and not get to enjoy being a child.Let’s see look at what the effects of this could be. Responsibility, most parents don’t realize how much they take for granted by giving their children some responsibilities.

I agree that children need to have a few responsibilities, but some receive far too many. Children who are being raised by two parents may only receive a few responsibilities that they are required to do each day after school, but nothing compared to the children that are being raised in a single parent household. These children may have to either get supper started or make their own because the parent may have to work late.Plus, if there are younger siblings involved, naturally the oldest child would be responsible for looking after them. Now, what if that child may have had homework to do or needed his/her gym clothes washed for tomorrow? Having all this responsibility may result in that child to be shouldering far too much than they can handle.

The outcome of that is it would cause that child to be stressed, and that is something they definitely don’t deserve. So in the contrast of it all, children from dual parenting are able to be children – not assistants; they can enjoy their childhood – not watch it all slip away.My next point will discuss, stress. Stress is something that both single parents and dual parents struggle with every day. Unfortunately, single parents are under more stress.

Single parents don’t have a partner to help share the responsibility, their all alone and are so afraid to ask for help because it makes them feel like they have failed as a parent. Dual parents and especially single parents need to take advantage of the daycare that it available during church, or maybe visit the gym.Something that all parents need to remember is that they need to take some time away from their children and be good to themselves and don’t feel guilty about it.

Whoever said that parenting would easy probably never had kids.. Whether you have a partner to back you up or you’re doing it all by yourself, each of these parents should take heart in the reality that they will learn with time because every day they get to learn something new, which is one of the biggest advantages of being a parent. One helpful tip that might ease some of the stress in the household would be for parents to set some rules and boundaries.Sometimes that is easier said than done. Do children benefit more from being raised by a single parent or by two parents? As you have read through this essay and was hopefully able to distinguish between some of the similarities and differences of single parents and dual parents. Hopefully I was able to convince my readers that it’s not all about how many parents a child has, but it’s the quality of parenting that each child receives is what matters most. Always remember parents, you are not always going to do everything perfect.