The up with surprise visits for the devil

The key features which other rivalling sitcoms would need to have would use good jokes for the humour side irony, observed things happening may use dysfunctional mainly for the conflict aspect and most of a funny situation in which the viewing audience faces. Sit-coms which would most likely be our rivals would be:- ┬áMy Family What made My Family interesting and good to watch was the fact of the dysfunctional family with the son Nick who is not the brightest bulb and wouldn’t get anything right even if he had tried yet he still can up with scheme’s to make money such as selling his body parts on eBay.

The mother Susan was the dominate controller of the family who ‘wore the trousers’ had a job as a tour guide around London who thought she was in control and ruling of the family but really she wasn’t. The husband Ben was the ‘second in command’ he had a job as a dentist in which he was permanently put down for it his over all character had given up all hope and aspirations in life yet his family didn’t care about his existence as a ‘half arsed parent’.

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Michael was the smartest in the family he was really the backbone of his father because in desperate times his dad would tern to him for advice as if he was more superior then him. The daughter left home and goes to collage yet she likes to sleep around with boys and ended up with a baby called Kenzo. What made this sitcom funny to watch was mainly the conflict and the situations it self with an unorganised hierarchy within the family with no true leader.

The sitcom give a incite to what it was like for that middle class family with conflict which based itself in the home around the kitchen table and in the parents bedroom with a few sub shots in the living room. Another rivalling sitcom option would be:- * Two and a half men What makes two and a half men funny is that it is based on a guy called Charlie ( who is played by Charlie sheen a sex addicted)in which is role is a bachelor man who was obsessed with women who lives in a bachelor apartment set by the sea side in los angles.

What makes it funny is that not only is he a womaniser but a bit of and alcoholic with quite a large ironic theme going when his bother Allen has a divorce from his wife and moves in with him and brings his son to live there at weekends. What makes the irony is the fact form being an off the wall guy to changing his life around to acting as a good parent on the weekends whilst still having the hint of being a womaniser and being quite brutal about it too. With all that going on he has to put up with surprise visits for the devil herself his mother Evelyn.

This is what provides the conflict within the sit-com and she is often blamed for Charlie’s womanising, once he dated a women called rose in which they spent one night together and she became obsessed with him causing rather hilarious moments in which she climbs up his balcony to visit him all the time even in the middle of the night. He also puts up with his brothers ex-wife visiting who is a quite rude and harsh and turns out to be a butch lesbian. (Like in friends rosses ex-wife turning out to be a lesbian who has a child with a main character.

) Living with him he has a delinquent child called Jake who loves to play video games and being at his age he doesn’t get most of Charlie’s sex jokes even though he pretends he does. Jake appears to be thick but really he knows more then he lets on. The maid is called burter and appears to be the foundation of this wreck of a family in which every member has turned to at least once for advise showing that the upper-class family may be rich but they don’t have a clue in what they are doing.

By being the rock she ends up explain a lot about Charlie to his brother Allen due to he know nothing about him (this is ironic that his brother’s maid knows more about his brother then him) With all this happening Charlie still manages to keep his women full life going even once or twice using his nephew to pull the women. * That 70’s show What made this sitcom funny and fun to watch was that how they managed to make everything appear as if it was in the 70’s such as its set with the reto house style with the old fashioned cars, TV and even water-towers and the fact of enrolling TV shows form then in such as the fonz in the later 70’s.

They even tackled problems faced back then such as president Nixon running for a re-election and the influx of foreign people in the country such as the character Fezz who was stereotyped with a foreign accent and crappy clothes. With the foreigner you also have the stereotyped sluty cheerleader who has been with the traditional dumb quarterback player for the American football team called Kelso although his real name is Michael kelso. You have the main character called Eric who lives at home in the basement which was all the rage back then who ended up dating and proposing to his childhood sweat heart and next door neighbour Donna.

The basement is the main set of the show in which they do a thing called a circle in which they all sit around a circular table and smoke weed whilst making weird yet funny points. But with all those people there is stereotyped person missing the delinquent called Steven Hyde who has a ‘trailer trash mum (like Vivian form the young one’s) and a dad who is not known at that point, he gets him self into trouble a lot with the authority and is brutally honest. You also have the ass of a farther called red that appears to hate his son and love his daughter you have the hyper mum who is obviously a raving alcoholic.

To make my sit-com as successful as the other leading sit-coms I will have to use dysfunction within a group preferably family member, strong conflict and plenty of puns and irony. We will need to include a person who would be a rock in which they support the whole of the group and would hardly ever change so the audience could tune in and still have change but have something to recognise for their security too. We need to tackle events that happen in this time for example drugs and experimental stuff even wars and violence would be good to incorporate.

We would need to choose a time period to set it in such as the twenty first century. We would need to include a person who is dumb and a person who may appear smart and people who give up and don’t want to live so all members of our audience target can relate to at least on character. We would need to appeal to the younger generation because they trend to watch more sit-coms and they would be able to relates to most situations to do this we could use women and violence and to create more conflict bullying within the group of charters.

A main aspect would be to make all the characters different to on ‘n’ other to keep it interesting. To make the characters different we would need to use plenty of stereotyping for example if we included some one of an ethnic minority it might be consider to give him a pakistanish accent but half way through make his accent strong brummy then it would cause more irony. We would use people from different classes such as middle class and working class.

We would also include crazy of the wall people so we can set up the funny situations. Personally I would like to include some one who would make brutally harsh comments in which the characters wouldn’t understand but as an audience you would which would cause dramatic irony. We would need to make the place where it is set interesting but different to the traditions of setting it in the home or at work to help keep sitcom views interested for example a Squat would be ideal if they were to be squatters.

We would also need to make funny situations in which the audience could think well that could happen to any one. A possible setting could be used to help set up the situation in which they could offend people and get in trouble for example in the one hour sitcom ‘Booze Cruz’ is set on a few friends that travel to France on a booze Cruz but end up in trouble. The main thing to include in the whole of the sitcom would be tordorvs theory in which it starts with equilibrium, dysfunction then back to equilibrium.