Situation Analysis/Description of Business Essay

Asing Coffee House will be a coffee house and restaurant located on the Northwest corner of Tillary Street and Jay Street. The coffee house will offer a variety of choices to the customers. Coffee and tea of all sorts will be offered. The choices of coffee will range from espresso to latte, from regular flavor to raspberry-mocha. The teas will range from English to flavored varieties. Juice, soda, and non-alcoholic beverages also will be available.

For those who want something else to drink, both wine and beer will be on sale. Wine can be ordered by the glass or by the carafe.Bottled micro-brewed beer will be available. The breakfast menu will feature croissants, muffins, bagels, donuts, French pastries, fruit filled crepes, etc. Except for the crepes, the baked goods will be purchased from The Works. Lunch and dinner will feature sandwiches, salads and seven different soups.

In hot weather, a variety of cold soups will be offered. In addition, Coffee Circus will feature a vast array of appetizers. These will include artichokes; stuffed mushrooms; mini loaves of bread served with your choice of a bowl of pesto, queso, or green chile, etc.Desserts will consist of cheesecakes; some is fat-free, pastries, pies, fresh fruit and cheese. The interior design of the building will focus on projecting a relaxed atmosphere. The bottom portion of the walls will be forest green with the upper being eggshell white. The carpeting will be forest green.

The table and chairs will be custom made from light oak. The chair coverings will be of forest green material and heavily padded for comfort. The table tops will be a marbleized forest green laminate.

Plants will abound in gold pots.The dishes and eating utensils will be mismatched and purchased from antique and thrift stores. The coffee cups will be from the forties and fifties era. They will be provided by a local antique business and will be for sale. Asing Coffee House will be divided into different areas. An advantage to having different areas is that customers can partake in different activities without bothering.

The emphasis will be on providing a comfortable environment for the customer where they will want to linger and return many times.The time is right for opening a coffee house in the city are having a great deal of success, which is evidenced by the full houses every day of the week. The southeast side of Santa Fe has no such places. The closest competition is Starbuck which is located on Metrotech Center and Jay Street. In order to reach the cafe, a customer from our area must walk 10 to 20 minutes.

The area around Asing Coffee house is heavily populated with young, upwardly, mobile persons with expendable income.This is complimented by a large number of upper middle class “Baby Boomers” who are a large portion of those persons who frequent coffee houses. An additional strength which this business will possess is the ability to change with the times. Rather than limiting the future opportunities by having a small area, Asing Coffee House will have 3,525 square feet of space. The kitchen will be designed for flexibility. As the fad of coffee fades, Asing Coffee House will be able to change to a full course restaurant or whatever the situation calls for.

The business will bring with it a strong group of persons with an extensive background in both restaurants and business. There are risks inherent with any business. However, the restaurant business carries with it very unique risks. Most critical is the customers’ changing tastes. Another is the economy.

Restaurants rely heavily on serving persons who have expendable income. When the economy takes a down turn, people change their spending priorities. There are lesser trips to restaurants. A problem also in restaurants is finding dependable help who will stay with the business.Many restaurant employees tend to be younger and are attempting to move into a career. When either their schooling ends or they find their “dream job,” they move on. Often servers filling the positions are non-skilled, and tend to be single mothers or lower educated persons.

These persons come with specific circumstances which must be accounted for by management. A single mother may experience child-care problems, or a bus person may have problems with reading. A good owner must learn to deal with these problems in a manner which benefits the business as well as the employee.