Skill Building Activity Essay

Q1. You are the manager of a newly setup BPO in india. You are to recruit 800 employees.

What phases should you use to recruit and select new employees? Ans. Being a manager of a newly setup BPO and for recruiting 800 employees, following phases are to be followed : 1. Personnel planning:Under this phase, planning of personnel is done to see how much requirement is there for the personnel in the newly setup BPO.2.

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Job analysis:After the personnel planning, the manager has to analyse whether the job under study is really required for the seeks to gather information about the job under two main categories: * Primary job requirements* Job related knowledge,skills,and abilities(KSA)3. Employee requisition:What is the number of employees required??This question is answered here where the exact numbers of employees are known.4. Recruitment planning:Now, how to recruit the employees is the question i.e.

whether through internal or external recruitment. Basically the number and types of recruitment planning is done.5. Searching activation:The manager has to see through which media, message, he has to inform the people about the vacancies in bpo.

6. Applicant pool:After seeing the vacancies through the media channels, there is a huge pool of applicants who are seeking the jobs in the sector.7. Potential hires:The manager will select the potential applicants from the pool of applicants applied. He will select those people who satisfy all the requirements of the job.8.

Evaluation and control:This is the end to the phases of recruitment and selection of the newly setup BPO where the selected employees will be evaluated from the pool selected and changes would be made if required.