SKILLS document functionality by creating a software

SKILLS                                                                                                               •             Proficient in operating software such as Visual Studio, SQL Server, Microsoft Office, Selenium, JMeter.•             Demonstrated verbal communication skills by delivering presentations at University with audiences ranging from a small group to 70 members.

•             Coordinated with a team of 10 members daily while working on their software alongside with them.•             Accustomed to working in groups during academic projects and group discussions.•             Excellent Organizational and Time Management skills in order to meet deadlines.•             Demonstrated ability to learn new technology and document functionality by creating a software manual for a client.

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EDUCATION                                                                                                     University of Wolverhampton (United Kingdom), 2012-2013.•             Post-graduation Certificate in Advanced Technology Management. Lovely Professional University (India), 2008-2012.•             Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering WORK EXPERIENCE                                                                                      VSA India Private Limited (India), 2014-2017Worked as a QA Engineer•             To oversee all the projects whether they are working according to provided criteria to the developers.•             To convey the entire vision of the project to the various departments involved.

•             Increased productivity by initiating the use of automation testing.•             Responsible for the database testing using SQL queries in SQL server.•             Executing test cases.•             Responsible for analyzing the code by executing various queries.•             Documentation of the test results PROJECTS                           MedSpectra-MMC(Medspectra Managed Care)The program was engineered to expedite care, prevent delays and obtain clinical outcomes through the use of Medical Best Practices, Nationally recognized Evidence Based Guidelines, and State Specific Legislations.

WorkComplineWorkcompline was focused on Medical-Legal, Medical Risk and Claims Management education to develop the skills and competency necessary in today’s Workers’ Compensation industry. It was an education division of HealthCare Resource Group.MedSpectra-LR (Lien Management System)This software suite was designed not only to automate the work processes but also to collect performance and predictive data thus allowed us to provide critical information to our client on risk areas.AWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS •             Achieved Infosys Campus Connect Foundation Program certificate in 2010.•             Completed six months internship in Telecommunication Consultants India Limited (TCIL-IT), Chandigarh in 2011.