Slang Research in Business Essay

In the business environment of today the use of slang, jargons, and idioms are a consequential mistake that can cost a business its creditability and reputation.

Using such improper language can be a big mistake depending on what was said in the document. Professional businesses enforce a no tolerance policy when it comes to this because this problem can be prevented. Slang makes a business sound unprofessional and not competent to do business with that other company. This can cause a break with importance business companies and partners from a simple miss understanding.Its is important to realize the problems that occur when improper language is used in business and how this problem can be prevented from happening in the future. We must educate our employees of what can occur if improper language is used and when it is important this is doesn’t happen again. Slang, idioms and Jargons are an unacceptable way of writing in the business for a number of problems.

The article from “Essential to business Communication” writes, “Slang words quickly go out of fashion because they are no longer appealing when everyone begins to understand then”(Guffey).The language of slang is constantly changing and different words mean different things to different people. Because of its inconsistency, slang cannot be used because everything including language must be consistent in business. Using slang leads to improper decoding of messages. Jargons are not acceptable in business since “It’s out of place and the audience misunderstands, it can create a two-fold problem.

Whilst you fail to convey information to them, you may also succeed in conveying a more subtle, negative message: That you have given little thought to your audience; and perhaps that you are insincere and not to be trusted”(Mindtools).The ability for your audience to understand the message is the goal of communication in business. Jargons interfere with communication and needs to be only used in appropriate messages. Idioms are important to avoid because it leading to an understanding between sender and receiver. These slang expressions cause the reader to think the author had a lapse of judgment or is sending the wrong message. Another reason why it is best to avoid jargons, slang, and idioms for business is for international reasons in that English common language is different then common language of other cultures.Different cultures have different ways of writing and its best to use plain basic language when dealing with foreign writing so the message is most clearly understood by all cultures. Since the use of slang, jargon, or idioms is inappropriate in business it is important to make the effort to find and fix these grammatical errors.

One-way to prevent this is simple spelling check in word processor. This will catch a lot of the common slang errors and will offer replacement words.However, this program still does miss a lot of words that can make a paper unacceptable in business.

Idioms and jargons are tougher to catch because the words aren’t spelled incorrectly but still do leave the reader confused on the message of the document. Idioms can be corrected by proof reading the document before the author sends it. Proof reading catches most errors in a document if the editor is paying close attention to grammatical structure. There are a few technique businesses can educate their employees on to make them better proof reading.Two techniques are reading document out loud or reading the document backwards sentence for sentence. Reading messages out loud lets the author hear exactly what they wrote and can make a sentence sound completely different if it were only skimmed.

Reading a document backward let the author analysis their work sentence by sentence to see if what they wrote makes sense These methods are effective and have been used by many companies to insure that employees writing quality documents.Good message make the business sound more professional and can lead to business expansion and increase job productivity. Jargons may be more difficult to notice because many authors use them without knowing it. Ways to prevent Jargons is to always remember the audience of the message. We want our receivers to understand the message being sent and if the author has doubt that the receiver will not understand meaning of word then those words should not be used. It is a must that our business utilizes these tools to prevent future improper writings.Communication in business is important because this is the only way to get the job in this field done. Everyday we are sending messages between different employees within in the business and to employees of different business.

These messages must be written proper to make sure the meaning of a messages are understood and to avoid problems of misinterpreting a message. We must make sure our employees use the tools we have to prevent such misinterpretation so our business can maintain a good image and establish ourselves as a professional businessWork CitedGuffey, M. E. (2006, February 10). Slang.

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