Slide great Old Faithful, one of the 500

Slide 1- the sky is dark grey. Ash fills the air. Fear and panic are sickeningly thick in the air. Molten lava spews out of the top of the massive rock. Screams of child and mother fill the air. You can smell the fear in the air, feel the tension and suspense , waiting for the volcano to erupt .Then all is quiet. For a split second all is calm. Then as if out of the blue a earsplitting crash splits the air, all of the sudden it is as light as day. Lava leaps up into the air and soars like a giant red hawk stalking prey. Unfortunately for the people in Yellowstone the prey was the lava falls down you see your life flash before your own eyes. Then all is black and it is all over.Slide 2-3 – this is a scene of a possible future. Yellowstone National park. A name that most people have heard of, and even more have been there. Now picture this a park full of people, happy families, no problems and then BOOM a giant explosion erupts from the earth. All of those families dead.  The yellowstone caldera is the largest caldera in North America. Researchers say that Yellowstone’s magma chamber is larger than previously thought,  In addition it is also on the brink of eruption.Slide 4-5- not only did eruptions help Yellowstone make its geologic features but erosion and deposition did to. The rivers that run through it have deposited plenty dirt and other of the most famous of these is Factory hill. Rivers have helped make the base of this mountain. In the early ages of exploration in Yellowstone it was called Red Mountain.This name later transferred to the range which it resides in. it is now name Factory hill for the steam and noise it produces which resembles and active factory town.Slide 6- this great national park not only includes a caldera but many other features. One of these is the great Old Faithful, one of the 500 geysers in Yellowstone. Old faithful erupts every 44 to 125 minutes on the dot since 2000. Yellowstone also is home to some 100,000 hot springs and thermal features.Slide 7- this park also has a unique and interesting history.  The park was established in 1872, but its history goes back to almost 12,000 years ago. The precontat ages. Before european influences came. Back then the only groups that lived there were native americans. Their were no recorded battles in Yellowstone, but that does not mean that battles were not fought. Native americans, like the Sheep Eaters. The natives were at peace with all of the natural systems around them.Slide 8- one of these natural systems was the Biosphere. The Biosphere includes all of Yellowstone’s plants and animals. Yellowstone is not only a national park, but also a wildlife preserve.  There are almost 300 species of bird, 16 species of fish, 5 species of amphibians, 6 species of reptile, and 67 species of mammals.