Slumdog Millionaire Essay

A troop of barefoot children play base ball on a piece of private land which is full of small stones and dirt. Suddenly, a plane flies over a child’s head, and it almost kills the child. At the same time, two security officers who are riding motorcycles and holding stout wooden sticks run after the children. The children clamber up a rooftop and jump off the housetop expertly. Also, they run through a midden and foul river. In fact, all of them are growing up in the slums of Mumbai. Can you imagine that a person who grows up in the slums can be a winner of the show called “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Actually, the story of Jamal Malik who wins a staggering 20 million rupees on the show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” is amazing. No one could believe that this could happen. The police even arrest Jamal on suspicion of cheating when the show rested for the night. Although Jamal is an orphan from the slums of Mumbai never studied, he has had rich life experiences while growing up. He is cheated by vicious local gangs, and he almost is blinded by such vicious persons. I think that his experiences would be the answer for why Jamal could win in the show.

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The film of Slumdog Millionaire is excellent. It not only has a wonderful script, but also has a good structure that expresses the every thing in the movie. In addition, an audience can learn about Indian cultures and people’s livelihoods through the movie. This movie has many issues worth thinking about such as destiny. An excellent movie can affect an audience’s mood, and the audiences sometimes may feel nervous and excited about some plots of the movie. Audiences feel as if they are on a roller coaster which makes their emotions to go up and down.

The script of Slumdog Millionaire is fantastic, especially the part of Jamal and Salim’s growth processes which are like pieces of a puzzle to be completed. This growth processes are one of the very beautiful plots of the film, and the climax never stops. Jamal grows up with his brother in the slums; unfortunately, their mother is killed in a religious conflict. After that, Jamal and Salim escape the religious clashes and start vagrant lives. But they encountered a ruthless local gang, and they almost are blinded by the local gang and become beggars.

However, they hide on the top of the train when they escape from the local gang. They also start to be hawkers and to rip off tourists. Every scene of their experiences has a thrilling moment which touches an audience’s emotions, and the script is perfect. Without it, the plots could not affect the audience’s mood and the thrilling moments would not lead from one plot to another. I think that this is one of the reasons why the movie is excellent. Not only is the script wonderful, but also the structure of the movie is superb. The director uses a “reverse method” to express the main idea of the movie.

The director shows the audience first that the actor Jamal is on the show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. ” The audiences also can see Jamal’s integrity being questioned. Moreover, Jamal’s image and character are not established at the beginning of the movie. The audience just knows about Jamal’s low level of education, and that he grew up in the slums. Jamal can even answer all of the questions correctly. All of movie’s situations would make an audience think that Jamal does cheat on the show. I think that this is a good opening for the movie because this would make all audiences doubt Jamal’s ability.

At the same time, the movie starts to show Jamal’s childhood experiences, and gradually shows up Jamal’s childhood memories of relationships, and how these relationships are related with the answers. For example, Jamal see his brother who has a gun and who is killing people, and knows the name of the person who invented revolvers. Gradually, the police and audience will understand the reason why Jamal can answer all of the questions correctly, and his difficult process of growth. Also, with the background more clear, the story in space-time has returned to the present.

At the same time, it also explains that Jamal’s final purpose is not for money, and that he goes on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” in order to look for (or to be seen by) the girl he loves who is Latika. Definitely, this is an excellent structure of the movie. If a film can win an Academy Award for Best Picture, it just has an excellent script and setting. However, are these enough? A film can show some diffident meanings and cultures which are important as well. Slumdog Millionaire is not only a good story, but also expresses Indian culture and standard of living.

I think that the India culture and standard of living are two of important parts of the movie. Jamal’s growth story and his living environment reflect India’s sorrow for the poor children in Mumbai. Many issues such as crime, education, and human rights do not have to be declared to words, and all of these issues are reflected by the story. India’s economic development is rapid, but the situation of poverty is still difficult. For instance, the movie shows that there are millions of people living in slums which have poor hygienic conditions. Also, there is a scene in the film called, “jumped into the pits. The toilet uses wood for its structure, and it has a pit in the middle and a septic tank underneath. I wondering that with India’s development, those poor hygienic conditions still exist and why have not been improved. I think that a movie can lead audiences to become concerned about some problems around the world, and this would be a good movie. “Slumdog Millionaire” shows message to let people think about such problems. Furthermore, my attention was caught by the beginning of the movie that presents a question about whether Jamal Malik is one question away from winning 20 million rupees.

How does he do it? The movie reveals the answer at the end of the movie. The answer is that “it is written”. Actually, I am not in complete agreement this answer. Jamal can be a Millionaire, and this relies not on destiny. If the poor boy believed in destiny, he could not escape from the local gangs. Also, he would have no need to rescue his beloved girl several times. Moreover, he would not participate on the game show which emphasized knowledge, and he would not even risk being considered a cheat in order to continue to participate in the competition.

If Jamal believed that destiny existed in the world, his life might be over early. In fact, no one is destined to be a poor in his or her whole life, and no one is destined to be a born a fool. The value of life is that it does not depend on destiny. In conclusion, “Slumdog Millionaire” has some beautiful plots of which affect an audience’s emotions from the beginning to the end of the movie. Also, it had a superb structure to express the whole idea behind the movie, and it gave an audience fresh and deep impressions of the film.

In addition, “Slumdog Millionaire” reflects Indian culture and people are living standard. Moreover, the movie not only expresses a story, but also lets the audience know about another country’s culture. Another thing is that Jamal could win a staggering 20 million rupees on the show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. ” This is not destiny. Although Jamal’s story is amazing, it cannot be explained by fate. I think that all things should be created by personal efforts. All in all, “Slumdog Millionaire” is a worthwhile and an inspirational movie.