SNC1D metal and 1 non-meta Correct AnswerAll

SNC1D CULMINATING TASK ST.PETER’S CATHOLIC SECONDARY SCHOOLDate: January 26th 2018Teacher: Mrs.WhibbsTime: 90 minLength: 16 Pages + _____ foolscapSTUDENT NAME:_________________Chemistry:Which of the following properties of sugar is NOT a physical property?Sugar turns black when heated Correct AnswerSugar dissolves in waterSugar has a sweet taste Sugar is a white solid at room temperatureWhich of the following describes a chemical property?Water is a liquid at room temperatureHydrogen reacts explosively with oxygen in the presence of a flame       Correct AnswerCopper is malleableAluminum is ductile2 different brands of ketchup behave differently when poured. Brand A pours very quickly, where brand B pours very slowly.

Which statement describes this occurrence.Brand A has a higher boiling point than brand BBrand B is more ductile than brand ABrand B is more malleable than brand ABrand B is more viscous than brand A Correct AnswerWhich is not a particle theory of matter?All matter is made up of tiny particlesParticles attract each otherParticles are heavy Correct AnswerParticles are in constant random motionSodium dioxide, NaCl, is common table salt. Sodium dioxide is considered a compound because…It’s a pure substanceIt consists of 2 different elements Correct AnswerIt will melt when wetIt’s a very common substance Which of the following is NOT a qualitative property?ColourOdorConductivity Correct AnswerTextureWhich of the following describes a heterogeneous mixture?Glass of waterMouthwashOatmeal Correct AnswerLaundry detergent In which group on the periodic table are the halogens found?121517 Correct AnswerWhich elements form ionic bonds?2 non-metals2 metals1 metal and 1 non-meta Correct AnswerAll of the aboveWhich is an example of a pure substance?NaClCo2He Correct AnswerWaterWhich of the following is NOT found within the nucleus?Electrons Correct AnswerProtonsNeutrons None of theseShort Answer: Use the particle theory to explain why water changes from solid to a liquid when heated.In a solid such as ice, the strong attractions between the particles hold them tightly packed together. Even though they are vibrating this is not enough movement to disrupt the solid structure.

When the ice is gradually weakened. Further heating it provides more energy until the particles start to break free. Although the particles are still loosely connected they are able to move around. At this point the solid ice  is melting to form a liquid. The particles in the liquid are the same as in the solid but they have more energy.

To melt a solid energy is required to overcome the attractions between the particles and allow them to pull them apart. The energy is provided when the ice is heated up.If a neutral atom has 3 protons, how many electrons will it have?If an object is neutral this means it has an equal number of protons and electrons. Therefore, if a neutral object has 3 protons  it will have 3 electrons.Starting from the nucleus, what is the maximum number of electrons that each of the first 3 orbits (shells) can hold? The first orbit can hold 2 electrons, the second orbit can hold 8 electrons, and the third can hold 8 electrons.Calculation #1:A piece of wood that measures 5.2 cm by 15.7 cm by 12.

3 cm and has a mass of 100g. What is the density of the wood? Will it float on water?Hint: use the grasp method to show your work for part marks! As well the density of water is 1.0g/cm3!Volume =  L X W X HVolume = 5.2 x 15.7 x 12.3 Volume = 1,004.17cm3G= Volume and Density        R= Density      A= D= M÷V      S= D=M÷V         = 100g÷1,004.

17cm3         = 0.0995 cm3P=  If a piece of wood measures 5.2 cm by 15.7 cm by 12.3 cm and has a mass of 100g the density would be 0.09 cm3 .

The piece of wood would float on water, this is because it has a lesser density than waterBiology:Matching: 10 marksMatch the given biomes with the biotic/ abiotic factor that is most likely to live there.You may use answers twice.A: Grassland B: Tundra C: Mountain forest D: Temperate deciduous forestCSmall coniferous treesDDeerDLarge deciduous treesASnake BCold temperaturesMatch the organism to their classification.

A: Producer    B: Primary consumer    C: Secondary consumer    D: Tertiary consumer   E: DecomposersAMaple TreeBSquirrelEFungiCSnakeDPolar bearShort Answer:What type of biome is Peterborough? What is the reason of your decision? Peterborough is located in the temperate deciduous forest. I think this because we have “nice weather conditions” as well as deciduous trees that change colours and fall in winter.Describe bioamplification and how it is affecting animals and humans. Bioamplification refers to an increase in the concentration of a substance as you move up the food chain. This often occurs because the pollutant is persistent, meaning that it cannot be, or is very slowly, broken down by natural processes. Bioaccumulation often occurs in by eating contaminated food. Bioamplification has multiple negative effects on  animals and can cause birth defects and issues with kidneys. As well, bioamplification negatively affects humans especially because we are at the top of the food chain, thus the accumulated toxins and chemicals are in their largest concentration amongst us.

Explain why a food web is a better representation of describing what takes place in an ecosystem:A food web consists of many food chains. A food chain only follows just one path as animals find food. eg: A hawk eats a snake, which has eaten a frog, which has eaten a grasshopper, which has eaten grass. A food web shows the many different paths plants and animals are connected.Physics:Modified true/false  10 marksIndicate whether the statement is true or false.

If false, change the indicated word or phrase to make the statement true. ___T__ In order for current electricity to flow, electrons need a good conductor to allow them to move. _______________T___ An ammeter is used to measure the current in a circuit. _________________ The stored energy in a battery is called  Kinetic Energy. _Chemical Energy__ _____ Charging by Induction is through rubbing 2 objects together. _Friction__________ The  Electrostatic series ranks different materials on their ability to lose/gain protons.

_Electrons_____T___ The current in a simple series circuit is the same in all parts of the circuit.________T___  Current electricity refers to the electric charges that flow through a conductor in a controlled way. _______________ Materials that don’t allow electricity to flow through them easily are called semiconductors.

_Insulators_________ Two objects with the same charges will attract each other. _Repel_______T__ We measure resistance in Ohms.  ________Short Answer:What type of circuit do we use in our houses? What are some benefits?We generally use parallel circuits in our homes. The main reason for this is because electricity has several paths it can follow from the energy source to ground.

Even with several light fixtures controlled by one switch, the light fixtures are in parallel. If one light bulb burns out, electricity still flows through the other bulbs. Explain why electrical cables must be covered with plastic.There are two types of materials: conductors and insulators. Conductors are materials that are known for their low opposition to electrical flow.

Insulators are known for their great capability to stop the flow of current. For successful wiring and usage of electricity, both materials have to work together to get clean and safe energy where it is needed. Plastic does a great job of insulating the conductor used in electrical systems. Without plastic, hot and neutral wires cannot be run in the same conductor or same wire. As well, we cover electrical wires to prevent shocks. How is static electricity a useful form of electricity? Give 2 examples.

Fabric Softener Sheets: When clothes dry in a dryer, they rub together, creating static charge. When sheets of fabric softener tumble with the clothes, they act as conductors, allowing the electrons to move around the clothes more easily.Electrostatic Spray Painting: Static electricity is also used to paint different objects such as cars, tools, and boats. The object to be painted is given a static charge so that it will attract the paint that is being sprayed.

Calculation #2 and #3:Formula:   P=VI  V=IRA light bulb has a resistance of 700W. The current going through the light bulb is 0.13 A. What is the potential difference?Hint: use the grasp method to show your work for part marks!G= Resistance and CurrentR= Potential difference (Voltage)A= V= IRS= V= IR        = 0.13A x 700W        = 91VP= The potential difference of the light bulb is 91V.

The total resistance of a circuit is 15?. The voltage across the battery is 75V. There are 4 lamps. What is the current in the circuit? What is the load of each lamp?G= Resistance and VoltageR= Current A= I= V÷RS= I=V÷R      = 15? ÷ 75V      = 0.2A0.2 = Total current0.

2 ÷ 4 lamps = 0.50AP= The total current in the circuit is 0.2A. The load of each lamp is 0.50A.Earth and Space:What is one astronomical unit?The average difference between the moon and sunThe equivalent to one light yearHow we measure planetsThe average distance between the earth and the sun Correct AnswerWhat is the approximate time period of the earth’s revolution?24 hours365 days Correct Answer7 days100 yearsWhich of the following isn’t a Terrestrial planet?MercuryEarthVenusJupiter Correct AnswerWho invented the first telescope?Chris HadfieldHans Lippershey Correct AnswerEdwin HubbleRobert Thirsk A time period in which earth completes a day is called its.

..Orbit Axis      Correct AnswerSolar system Milky way Space-age spinoffs include:Smoke detectorsInvisible bracesMedical lasersAll of the above Correct Answer32,000 written in standard notation is…3.2 x 104 Correct Answer32 x 10432.

00 x 1033.2 x 103What type of star system has no defined shape?Irregular Galaxy Correct AnswerMilky WayBinary star systemSpiral GalaxyHow are tides created?Based on the moon’s position Correct AnswerBased on the Earth’s axisBased on the Earth’s tiltBased on the height of the sun in the skyWhat is a comet made up of?Space junkRock and metalIce and dust     Correct AnswerMetal and iceShort Answer: List three problems astronauts face when living in space.Space has no air, spacecrafts will have to have storage room for oxygenLack of access to water and foodLack of access to doctors and medicationsWhat is space junk? Why is it harmful?Man-made debris that orbit around the earth. Ex.

Unused satellites and objects released from spacecrafts. Space junk is  traveling extremely fast—about 10 kilometres a second. If even a very small piece of debris hits a satellite, spacecraft or astronaut at those speeds, it could be very serious.

Beyond posing a danger in space, there is also the problem of pieces falling back to Earth.