Social society to be linked at all times.

Social interaction has significantly improved following the conception of the internet and social networking sites like Facebook, MSN, MySpace and Twitter. There is an enormous debate surrounding the impacts of the internet on social interaction (Abbate 181). There were very limited or minimal means of communication available in the past. It is remarkable to see how far technology has taken social interaction. Humanity has made many attempts to improve social interaction. At present, there are countless methods for society to be linked at all times. These methods are made possible through the internet and social networking sites. The internet and social networking sites are responsible for increasing connectivity, accessibility, and creating and enhancing social interaction. The internet and social networking sites have many refining effects on social interaction. The internet’s primary use is for communications which changes the world’s social interaction considerably (Kraut et al. 251). Results from a survey conducted in Switzerland of approximately 17,000 people suggested that use of the internet does not reduce an individual’s network size or the time spent with their friends. The study also indicates that electronic mail is widely used and has positive effects on the user’s social networks (Franzen 427-438).The Internet and social networking sites are essential to society’s constant connectivity. The internet can be used almost anywhere in the world from many different devices. These devices include, but are not limited to computers, smartphones, smart televisions, tablets, and game consoles. Moreover, users can learn and adopt different cultures and societies by connecting with individuals from all parts of the world. The internet also makes for a great tool to quickly reach recipients. Electronic mail, instant messaging, video, and picture messaging are widely available avenues for interacting. Satellite network connections are one of the leading ways to be connected. Alternatives to satellite connections are wired connections and mobile network connections, more commonly known as 3G or 4G data connection. These channels are dependent on the country’s infrastructure (Townsend and Anthony 1698). The speeds of the internet are also constantly increasing with today’s technological advancements (Alcorn and Paul 101). Initially, internet could only be used through a wired connection which was called dial-up. Internet can be now used wirelessly in some of the most remote areas in the world.  Innovations like wireless from wired connection are a driver in social advancements which enabled individuals like Mark Zuckerberg to take an idea and turn it into a worldwide phenomenon from his dorm room. Access to the internet is vital to the advancement and progression of social interaction. Almost everyone has access to a device that can access the internet (McKeown et al. 92). Innovations driven by specific social networking sites have enabled users with physical challenges such as visual, hearing, and mental impairment to have access and excel in their social environments. Developments in social networking sites and the internet have made access available to many abled and disabled people around the globe (Rosenberg and Richard 155-117). People are able to access the internet almost anywhere they are headed. Free wireless internet is offered in most libraries, schools, airports, restaurants, and retailers. There are also no long distance charges or flight tickets required to chat and see friends and family abroad. Along with the multiple modes of connectivity, service providers have also strived to make the internet affordable and easily accessible. A child must ask their parents for permission before using the internet and some social networking sites do have an age restriction, but these factors are not very significant given that the majority of users are teenagers and adults. Fast and convenient access in turn leads to people easily being connected to a vast majority of the world through the internet and social networking sites.The internet and social networking sites are the main contributors to enhancing social interaction. Now users have the ability to break down barriers imposed by geographic locations and weather permitted circumstances. New ways of interacting have been created with the advent of the internet and social networking sites. By posting videos, posting images, and blogging, users can contribute different content or partake in group discussions. Using the internet on a game console permits the user to join many other players across the world. Furthermore, online forums or message boards can bring together people who share common interests. Google Translate is also a very helpful tool when traveling and communicating with people who speak a different language. Video chat has also become a very popular social interaction technique though social networks like Skype and Snapchat. Additionally, Internet calling and instant messaging are very popular approaches to communication. Regardless of weather, distance, and time of day, individuals are able to interact. According to Statistics Canada, nearly all Canadians under the age of 45 use the internet everyday (“The Internet and Digital Technology”). Hence the popularity and spread of the uses of social networking platforms and the internet for interaction (Johnson et al.).Use of the internet and social networking sites play a crucial role in today’s progressive social interaction. As mentioned above, the internet and social networking sites are critical in increasing connectivity, accessibility, and ultimately creating and enhancing social interaction. The internet and social networking sites have completely transformed and revolutionized how civilization socializes and communicates. In an instant, users can connect with old friends, make new connections, share photos and videos, among many other things. The internet has made it very quick and convenient to keep in touch with friends, family, and public figures. With the use of the internet and social networking sites, users stay well-informed of the latest news, markets, and events taking place locally and globally. The internet and social media sites give users the ability to enjoy activities that were very difficult if not impossible in the past. Internet use is the main catalyst in advancing today’s social interaction level. In the words of Bill Gates, “I’m a great believer that any tool that enhances communication has profound effects in terms of how people can learn from each other, and how they can achieve the kind of freedoms that they’re interested in (Weil et al.).” In the last 20 years alone the innovation in social interaction has drastically surpassed the speed of growth in the past.