Social and crossing I noticed when I observed

Social media Facebook observation

Social media observation is on Facebook known as the most popular media. People express their feelings, family vacation, friends on Facebook. I spend 4 to 8 hours this week to observe my friends on Facebook. The social networking Facebook is gaining popularity these days with almost all of the educated youth using and uneducated using it, These have played some crucial role in bridging boundaries and crossing I noticed when I observed my friends, they spend more time on Facebook than me they spend like 3 hours a day and for me 1 hour a day. How my friends communicate is posting on their wall and leaving emoji. A happy emoji of they happy life and next two hours sad emoji you can tell something is happening. The emoji represents the functionalist perspective assume the societal characteristics have consequences. The Functionalist emphasizes the real consensus, order that exists in society and friends focusing on social stability, and shared public values.
My friend uses the emoji represent who they are on Facebook by expressing their feeling. Some of my friends on Facebook post negative thoughts as if they hate their life or they are not happy with their life it sounds like conflict theory because they are unhappy with their life. They feel better posting their personal business online for outside people to read it. Some friend posts so

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much naked selfie; they are seeking attention because they want more likes. The nude pictures represent the symbolic meaning that people develop and rely upon in the of social interaction. Although the symbolic interactionism traces its origins to individual act according to their interpretation of the meaning of their world.
A social media taboo is when some new friend adds you on Facebook harassing other friends or leaves a rude comment. Something a friend on Facebook said some people find it so offensive. Something to stay away from, wise people does not go there, Race, sexual behavior. Gambling and drinking or drugs. My friends need to learn to practice the safety tips social means understanding tricky subjects and taboos. Tread carefully my friends consider these tips before posting on social media.
The social norm is learned through social exchanged with others deeply ingrained in us. It is Critical for healthy social interaction. Social norm teaches you what you should not say or act. However, some of my friends Facebook do not know how to control feelings that is why is called social norm.

I learn so much from this observation social media is public everything you post online is out for everybody to see it. It is not a good to post something private online some people are not happy with success but they are happy when you struggling.