Social Development Research Essay

The title of my article is Adulthood and aging: Social process and development. The reason why I choose this article is because it’s relevant to the topic am researching on. According to my research, am supposed to research on issues of social development in adulthood. Library is a credible and relevant source of information, especially, if the information is found through a library an institution of higher learning like the University of Phoenix.After getting my source of information the next thing I did was to find out whether it is written by an expert in the field and if so, are there other experts in this field that agrees with the materials or disagree with the information provided in this article.

By the end of this article there is a list of bibliography naming all the experts that contributed and also credits was given to those whose ideas were used in this article.So I would definitely use the article in my research as I find it credible and relevant and after reading the content critically and creatively, I came up with a judgment the information contained in this article can be verified and personally, I have witness or observed the different authors points of view either in the society setting or in my life experience. The reason I say this article is relevant is because it tackles the issues of social development in adulthood widely and in a wider scope. There are different theories in this article that demonstrates and elaborate issues of social development in adulthood.For example these theorists like Erikson ir982), Levinson (1978), Valliant (1977), and Neugarten (1968) explain in details how an adult social development can be affected both negatively and positively by their transition from childhood to adulthood, the midlife crisis they face like marriage, career and personal sense of being and how the society and people around us can also through support, companion, acceptance and affection can greatly influence our social development and also on the other hand, and sometimes simultaneously, social relation can also involve abuse, bad advice, invasion of privacy or abuse of resources that can be detrimental to social development in adulthood.According to Riley’s structural lag theory (Riley, Kahn, & Foner, 1394). For example, proposes that structures and norms in work, family, and other social institutions have failed to adjust to changes in people’s lives, and these results in strains on individuals and society.

For example, though people are living longer, about 10 years past their retirement age, there has not be any adjustment made to provide jobs for those who have reached their retirement age but are not ready to retire. Generally, the article tackles all issues affecting adulthood social development from all perspective and I strongly feel it’s a good source for information on this topic.