social media argument

Parth PatelMr.HenningCompt. Author 28 December 2017Social Media Argument Social media is good and a bad thing for the people who use’s good because it help spread information faster than any other social media and it can help law enforcement to catch and prosecute criminals. It’s bad because Social media enables the spread of unreliable and false information and Social media lacks privacy and exposes users to government and corporate intrusions.

Social media can be good because it spread information fast and it’s bad because it can expose your privacy. Social media can help student do better at school and school activities. “59%”(ProCon) of the students with access to the Internet  use social media to discuss educational topics and “50%” (ProCon) of the student use the internet to talk about school assignment. “After George Middle School in Portland, Oregon, introduced a social media program to engage students, grades went up by 50%, chronic absenteeism went down by 33%, and 20% of students school-wide voluntarily completed extra-credit assignments”(ProCon). Social media are also for the college freshman and all the other college students. Professor’s from the colleges say that college freshman and all the other college student  should use social networking sites to build networks of new friends so they won’t feel alone , feel socially integrated at their new schools so everyone in the college knows that this particular person is looking for friends, and reduce their risk of dropping out which is actually working this days. Social media is bad for the students who are using social media so much because it tend for the student to have lower grades. “31”% (ProCon) of the student that use social media for their homework says that social media helps their work quality get reduce easier.

Students who used social media heavily had an average “GPA of 3.06 while non-users had an average GPA of 3.82”(ProCon).  Students who used social media while studying scored “20% lower on tests”(ProCon). College students “grades dropped 0.12 points for every 93 minutes above the average 106 minutes spent on Facebook per day”(ProCon).

One study found that in schools which introduced a ban on cell phones, student performance improved “6.41%”(ProCon). In the end, there is always going to be 2 sides debating each other over social media.    There are many who point out why social media should be strict and many who think it should be not as strict. Both sides give good information on their opinion and have much evidence to back them up.

Both have a reason and are persuaded to stick to one side or the other no matter how much you want to convince them to switch. Overall , everyone is gonna have their opinion and their say on the debate no matter if it’s a good or bad.MLA format:“ProCon.” socialnetworking. https://socialnetworking., n.d.

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