Social media marketing benefits for business

Marketing is nothing but the action
of promoting & selling the products or services. Promoting & selling
the products or services using social media channels is referred to social
media marketing. According to Search Engine Land Social media marketing refers to
the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites.


number of social media users & followers are in billions worldwide with the
increased use of internet. People now follow brands on social media to be
updated. Social media is one of the most effective marketing method used to
increase brand visibility.


media marketing will benefit a business in many ways as follows:

Ø  Creating or raising brand awareness:

Millions of people will view your brand with a single click. Using
social media enables your business to project brand image across different
social media channels. Each channel is unique in its own way & based on
this, awareness reaches to the maximum viewers.

Ø  Target customer:

Social media is the most effective & best platform to
find your target audience. Social media channels are getting updated with
lightning speed. Social media insights help in getting to know the audience
better & different ways to reach them via advertising.

Ø  Better customer service:

Now a day’s people use social media
as customer care. They post their

issues on social media platforms
& expect the resolution as early as possible. Being pro – active &
addressing it on time will never let your brand down.

Ø  Two-way communication:

One of the unique feature of social
media is two – way communication.

Instead of just concentrating on
sales pitch, listen to customer complaints as well. If it is a complaint then
address it, if it is a compliment then thank the customer & if feedback, do
consider it.

Ø  Improve sales:

Social media is one of the effective
tool for sales team. Social media presence

allows customers to get to know about
the brand & give more chances of profit.

Ø  Lead conversion:

                           Social media
insights help you to compare your company performance with the competitor &
identify better ways to improve conversion rate. Publishing & posting the
most relevant content about the brand as well as audience attracts the
potential customers.

Ø  Relevance:

Social media not only acts as a point
of contact but as a search tool as well.

What you post across social media
channels represent your brand, this takes no time to go viral if irrelevant or
wrong updates are posted. Proofread your post & avoid the blunders.



Ø  Increase website traffic:

Social media drives most of the
website traffic. This mostly depends on the

posts you publish. Companies have to
publish the most relevant content occasionally to keep the customers engaged. When
customers are engaged & interested, then only they visit the website.


social media marketing is the current trend for promoting the business &
gaining website traffic as well as monetary profit. If you have not adopted any
of the social media channel as the medium of advertising, then it is the right
time to kick start.