Social Project Essay

The Activities are related to Ch-5 Consumer Rights (Economics) Activity No. 1 : Make a file (not more than five pages) to critically examine advertisements and develop an advertisement Topic : Consumer consciousness Introduction : Students need to critically examine advertisements (two to three) and determine how the advertisements can be misleading.

Students need to suggest additions to the advertisement so that it is comprehensive and informative. They should develop an advertisement which is complete and not misleading.Learning Objectives: After the task the student shall be able to: 1. Identify the necessary information on any product. 2. Differentiate between situations wherein consumer exploitation occurs. 3. Suggest measures that could have been taken to reduce the exploitation.

4. Articulate the feelings of an exploited consumer. Assessment Criteria (Rubrics) : The research work done to critically examine advertisements – 2 mks The appropriateness of content and suggestion – 2 mks Creativity in putting across the ideas – 2 mks Timely submission – 1 mk.Variety of advertisements and the clarity of concepts – 2 mks The final appearance – 1 mks ((If submitted later than 2 days 50% marks will be given for FA-Activity OR Activity No. 2 : Create a poster for consumer awareness exhibition.

Topic : Consumer’s rights and duties (1/2 of chart paper) Introduction : This activity helps students to understand their rights and duties as consumers. Learning Objectives : 1. Identify the causes of consumer exploitation. 2.

Identify the different situations that can lead to consumer exploitation. 3. Understand the need for consumer awareness and redressal.

. Appreciate the need to create consumer awareness in the society. Clues: The ‘jago Grahak jago’ poster given on page 84 of the textbook can be referred. 165 Assessment Criteria : The effectiveness of display of idea and the research work done – 2 mks The display of understanding of the correlation between the consumer rights and duties – 2 mks Appropriateness of the Content -2 mks Organisation of the material – 2 mks Clarity of concepts -1 mks Timely submission -1 mk (If submitted later than 2 days 50% marks will be given for FA-Activity) **********