Social what they find online about this

Social media without
any doubt plays a major role in our daily lives and especially on businesses
nowadays. One of the main purposes we all have social media have been to stay
updated with the newest trends, whether we are talking about fashion or any type
of businesses. Creating an indirect strong relationship with customers is
essential for any business. It allows them to increase their visibility by
sending indirect messages through pictures and videos to their customers.
Social media has created the ability for customers to share their messages and
reviews very easily, and whether the comments are negative or positive in both
cases it can affect businesses. Creating online space for communication among
businesses and their customers can have a big impact, social media has created
a higher possibility for communication that reach everyone in a faster and
easier way.

Consumer behavior is
not only limited to what the business itself decides to share or advertize.
Social media allows customers from all over the world to share their thoughts
and experience with the business that customers buying choices is depending on
what they find online about this particular business that they are interested
in working with. Where does social media fit in the prosperity of the sale
process on a business?

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Section II: Methods

Many different types of
data can help me shape my research and guide me to answer my research question.
One of these ways would be by conducting a group survey and that is usually
used to find out what a certain group of people might think of a specific
topic. Focus groups are usually very helpful when trying to understand or
analyze a certain topic or issue. Brainstorming is mostly used among a
specialized group in order to arrive at a certain decision about a topic.
Specifically in my research question, and in order to be answered,
brainstorming and gathering data and share thoughts about it in a group might
help shape the question and answer it more clearly with a view of different
thoughts and ideas. Another powerful way that can help analyze and gather
important and helpful data, would be through interviewing expert people in the
field of social media and marketing. Well focused and crafted questions can
lead me to better answers and more precise. In interviews, it is more
encouraging to ask certain questions that will lead me to better understand the
point of my research and how things really work in reality. In depth
interviews, and one to one interviews with experts are selected to be the best
resources for credible information.

When conducting a well
crafted research and trying to get the best answers out there, many different
research plans , researches and tactics must be used. Primary research is
essential to be implied whenever doing any type of research, because it allows
me to understand the topic well and more specifically. Two different types of
information can be obtained from this type of research. The first one would be
exploratory which is very similar to qualitative research. Open ended questions
may be used, and that usually allows the responder to put in efforts in
answering the questions and provide more information about their thoughts
concerning the subject. It is helpful in both ways, the researcher gets the
ability to have more information for their research, and the responder allows
themselves to give their opinion and thoughts freely and more detailed. A
specific research, adopting more precise questions where the responder will
answer it easily in a simple way. Usually those are the close ended questions,
in my research questions about ethnicity, age, and what type of businesses are
participating in the survey would help me shape my research better and be more
precise and credible with my information. Ethnographic research method is
another relevant type of research, that allows me understand better the
background of the people participating in my research, because social media is
used differently in different types of cultures and the ability of using it
depends on what part of the world they come from. Also, different types of
businesses require a background of how the population in that specific country
respond to certain kind of businesses and how well they can perform is mostly
based on the population, which are the consumers .

There are many steps
that need to be followed in order to ensure that the data used in our research
is credible and can be used as a reference. One of the main keys in order to be
using a credible source is that it needs to be a scholarly one. The main
purpose of it is to share the results of a primary research with other well
educated and specialists in the research field. Another main key point behind a
credible source is to be reviewed by researchers and scholars that specialize
in that field. Also credible source tends to have a professional writing
process. Vocabulary is used professionally, and the author is specialized and
is a master at what he is writing. In order to have a well crafted research
with valuable information, the sites that will be used should be credible and
trusted and when the author is well known it helps more to utilize his work
properly, it gives the research more credibility and more trustworthy towards
the reader.  Those research planning is
part of the methodology of my research, which describes why I chose to use
these specific types of research and why they are the best and more useful than
other research strategies.

Section III:

“The use of social
media is growing at an astronomical rate. With Facebook floating on the stock
exchange at a mind boggling $104 billion, many naysayers predict a bubble.
However, there is no denying the power of social media and the impact that it
can have on the business of marketing” as William Kelly stated on his website.
At some point, people thought that social media is just another popular thing
that will fade when time passes. Businesses never thought that they could
benefit from social media. In reality, social media is not optional for a
business if it wants to succeed and reach its ultimate goal, and that is to be
well known and used by all types of consumers, and of course generate a high
profit. Social media is a must in every business in order to succeed. It
benefits businesses in so many different ways. It allows a business to gain
insights about their customers. Social media generates and possess a lot of
information about people and in this case about customers. It helps a business
build a loyal relationship with customers and stay connected with them no matter
what part of the world they are in. it generates a higher probability of sales,
customers tend to believe what they see online and it is easier for them to
make a purchase and that is all based on what the business show them and decide
to advertise for them. A big aspect that social media allows businesses to
have, is popularity. It provides a huge amount of advertizing throughout social
media, that will implement a higher traffic on the website of the business.
Interpretive textual analyses are a must to be incorporated in my research , it
gives me the opportunity to understand particular texts or videos related to
any culture and try to analyze how they work and how important social media is
to them and what exactly they decide to show and present on their social media.
This type of research helps better understand how social media is different in
many cultures and how businesses run based on that.