Society of Equals Essay

Management decisions – BE412 Faisal Ijaz Assignment # 01 – Society of equals Reg # 1258107 Society of Equals Summary: In this case we have understood the importance of having the change implemented the right way, we read the culture of an office environment where subordinates decisions are not given any importance and top management is fully empowered and holds veto power. “Ted Shelby” tried to implement a change of having subordinates follow flat management structure but failed as top management completely neglected the idea, and reversed all the changes made by Ted.

Question # 1: How would you characterize the culture in this company? What are the dominant values? A. The culture of this company is extremely bureaucratic, and is led by top management decisions. The norms and policies are supposed to be strictly followed by subordinates, those set by top management, and no change or decision is accepted by the higher management that is taken by subordinates without taking the approval of decision makers. The dominant values in this company are clearly not taking any input for the subordinates or officer level employees, in other words dictatorship is practiced to its peak.Question # 2: Why did Ted Shelby’s change experiment fail? To what did Ted use the appropriate change tools to increase employee communication and participation? A. Ted Shelby’s change experiment failed due to lack of communication with top management despite knowing the culture of the company.

Ted should have made the same plan and have discussed it first with Mr. Drake (and others if possible). The idea was right, but was not implemented the right way, it was efficient but not implemented effectively.Ted did not use any change tools at all, rather he implemented the change and then showed it to Stanley to justify his change.

Question # 3: What would you recommend Ted to do to change his relationship with subordinates? Is it possible for a manager to change cultural values if the rest of the organization, especially top management, does not agree? A. I would recommend Ted to arrange a proper meeting with subordinates to first communicate the idea, gather facts and minutes of their meeting, make a roposal of change he wish to implement and get it approved with higher management. In this manner Ted is more likely to get the change accepted and have his subordinates gain more confidence on his level of professionalism. It is possible for a manager to change cultural values when top management is rigid on their policies and procedures if change is managed or proposed in a right manner and through a proper channel, nothing is changed overnight, there is a lot of effort and brainstorming involved strategically.