Sociological Group Matrix Essay

Schaefer ( 2011 ) defines a group as “any figure of people with similar norms. values. and outlooks who interact with one another on a regular basis” ( p. 111 ) . Complete the Social Group Matrix by placing and depicting the relationship between yourself and the members of any societal group you are a portion of.


I candidly had a tough clip even believing of a “Social Group” that I belong to because when you think of it you tend to believe of the traditional well known groups. Populating in such a little town there are really few officially organized Social Groups outside of Church. work and political relations. In my personal life I tend to wrap myself up in my household and hold really small outside influences and interaction. However. many of the major oil companies I work for have Safety Committees that collaborate on a monthly footing. The group I have chosen for this exercising is the Freeport McMoRan Oil & A ; Gas New Construction Safety Committee. Social group or organisation

Describe the map of the societal group. Our group of about 50 people gathers on the first Friday of every month for a tiffin and coaction. Through out the old month we will run into up in groups of one to three and travel into the building field to detect crews working. We look at the rudimentss of paperwork. personal protective equipment. how they use tools and other potentially risky state of affairss.

If we do go on to happen a crew that is working in an insecure mode we will so train the crew on how to make the undertaking in a safer manner. If it is a state of affairs that can physically harm the public assistance of those involved we will halt the crew instantly and do the proper corrections. After that we will document our findings on a Safety Observation Checklist Card and the analyst will come in all of the informations in to the CAMs database.

Authority and hierarchy

Describe authorization and hierarchal forms within the group. Within the group there is no existent leader per say because we are merely a group that has the same terminal end. but merely different ways of acquiring at that place. Freeport McMoRan is an highly big oil. gas Cu and gold excavation company that is broken out into many different industries and countries.

The oil and gas is separate from the Cu and gilded side. Within oil and gas there is on shore production and boring. so off shore boring. After that we are broken out into states and provinces. Our commission is the California San Joaquin Valley New Construction group. We have a top safety rep in our place Bakersfield office that is the highest representative for California.

He normally merely sits back and doesn’t interfere or train us on how to manage state of affairss. Under him there are lower flat field safety representatives. Operators and Construction Foreman. Very few of our members are confer withing contractors that act as visitants. If you run into a job the norm is to reach your immediate Supervisor or the at-risk parties Supervisor. The lone regulation we do unrecorded by is that we do non describe a job without first notifying that crews Supervisor foremost. We have found that non making this causes struggle and competition among groups and crews.

Social forms

Describe societal forms you might happen within the group. and explicate their societal significance. We look at societal forms most in our commission because we use our informations to execute “behavioral based studies” . We look at the most at hazard behaviours. like non have oning baseball mitts while working. and seek to reply why they are making this. We look at the Numberss to find if we need to look at our company policies to assist forestall any future incidents. This is really inline with Sociology because we are analysing the behaviours of those around us.


Describe any struggles within the group.

Many struggles come up every clip we meet along with times in between our formal meetings. In the safety field everyone has a different position of the right manner to manage a state of affairs. When fixing to build a occupation our safety commission is divided into three groups. older people. younger people and those who don’t attention. We all can hold that we have to acquire from point a to point B every bit safely as possible.

The older work forces and adult females of the group tend to hold blurred lines on what is safe and what isn’t. They will seek to cut corners and push bounds that were non at that place many old ages ago. The younger group is really black and white about the state of affairs. You are either following the safety regulations and ordinances or you are non. Obviously the last group doesn’t attention one manner or the other. They normally side so indiscriminately that it is difficult to foretell.

Role of linguistic communication

Explain the function of linguistic communication. and depict the constituents of gestural communicating in the group.

We use gestural communicating the most because we normally stand back and merely observe people as they work. Many of the field crews tend to acquire intimidated by the observations crews being on site. We have learn to watch peoples motions to seek and halt and incident before it arises. We watch the crew organic structure motion and what is traveling on around them that they may non see themselves. If something is traveling incorrect we will so verbally communicate those jeopardies with the crew to maintain them safe.

Symbols meaningful to group

Describe and explicate symbols that are meaningful to the group.

Our group being a safety group we signify with typical building based safety marks. Such as risky warnings and labels that help us cognize what can do us and those around us injury. The hardhat and PPE logo is a large 1 for us because this is what we wear mundane. We can non acquire out of our trucks without this vesture. The designation Son must be seeable to all others so they know we are have oning out personal protective equipment. There are so many different marks and symbols that are everyplace in the oil Fieldss.

Norms. countenances. and values

Describe the norms. countenances. and values of the societal group.

The biggest countenances that govern our group. and any other group like it state broad. is OSHA. They set the criterions in which all companies and industries must stay by. They say how long we can work. the protective safeguards we have to take. and every other small regulative step possible. If an incident does go on that requires us to describe to OSHA they will come in to assist entree the harm and solutions. Certain misdemeanors. particularly environmental jobs. transport a pecuniary mulct that the company must pay.

Status within group

Describe what position you hold in the group.

In our group I am the youngest and one of three adult females. I am the facilitator and informations analyst. I have been in the group for two old ages now and don’t rather hold and hierarchy position. However. I do ease all of our meetings and delegate farther follow up to those who can manage the tougher state of affairss. Even though I am newest to the group I feel that I have regard among my equals and co-workers. If a person is looking for replies they will most likely inquire me because if I don’t automatically know the reply or solution. I will cognize who will and can. Social function within group

Describe the societal functions you perform in the group.

As the information analyst I am in charge of fixing and administering the findings. I use these Numberss to set together safety circulars and bulletins that get distributed to the field crews. We like to acquire these to the field to pass on what we are happening that can be risky to them. I besides facilitate all excursions and tiffins for our group. I get to schedule tiffin and times that work best for the group as a whole. Sociological position

Suggest which major sociological. theoretical position would be most appropriate for future survey of your societal group. Why?

We already use a theoretical position per say with what we call a “5 Y” . We get a smaller nucleus group of the commission together every one-fourth to discourse the biggest job in the field. We take a job such as non have oning baseball mitts and inquire the ; who. what. when. where and why. Who is holding the job? Does it be given to tendency in certain state of affairss merely? We keep inquiring the same inquiries over and over until we can’t reply it with a fresh reply. We do this to larn from our ain errors and assist future coevalss.