Sociology Essay

‘How to write an essay for the Social Sciences’, This essay will delve into the important factors of “How to write an essay for the Social Sciences” an essay is a comprehensive piece of writing that is explained, debated and then concluded. An essay should include Structure; this is how you can present cohesive joined paragraphs.

One may find it hard to write an essay including appropriate language, although it is an important step that needs to be covered when writing an essay for the social sciences.Referencing is used to acknowledge an authors work, and to present when one needs to back up an argument or to provide evidence. The entire essay for the social sciences depends on the structure, a vital key of writing a good essay for the social sciences should include an be made up of four important makings. The first should be a cover sheet, which outlines; name, subject & course code, essay topic, date the essay is due and the number of pages used.Secondly the essay should include an introduction stating what is going to be presented throughout the essay, using a logical argument or thesis statement. The body of the essay is the outline of the argument and should include a progression of paragraphs stating information that has been presented in the introduction. Finally there is a conclusions summing up all relevant information that has already been represented throughout the essay, but not adding or stating any new information.

When writing an academic essay it is important to write appropriate language. This could be certain requirement a lecture has stated to be used. Throughout sociology essay there should be no slang/colloquial language, and should be using third person. Throughout the essay there should be no spelling mistakes, if so this shows the marker you lack in spelling and not writing an academic essay.These are vital steps that should be mastered to write a good essay for the social sciences. When writing an essay for the social sciences there will be times where you get information for the essay whether it be from a book, Journal, article or movie, this is were referencing comes into motion. At university it is unacceptable to use another’s work or idea, instead of copying these resources they are good for backing statements up an also acknowledging the authors work.

There are two main referencing styles used in sociology the “APA style” and the “Harvard in-text” referencing style, it is more common in sociology for the Harvard in-text style but unless told otherwise. Without referencing it would be easy for students to plagiarise, and not develop their own work. Overall to write a good academic essay for the Social Sciences all these three steps need to be mastered.

Structure; to have an introduction, body and conclusion. The appropriate language; no slang and using third person. Lastly referencing when you use information such as films, books and articles. All these steps are important in writing essay for the social sciences. References: * Germov, J.

2007, ‘Writing a sociology essay’, in J. Germov &M. Poole (eds), public sociology: an introduction to Australian society, Allen & unwin, Sydney, pp. 485-99.