Soda in School Essay

Allowing diet sodas in schools has always been a touchy subject for Americans. Many think it’s perfectly fine, while others don’t.

I believe no type of soda, diet, or regular should be allowed in schools. Research shows that caffeine raises blood sugar levels. When those blood sugar levels rise, there is a connection between concentration levels and students. I guess that can be considered a good thing on testing days. To go along with that, diet sodas are known for having lower calories which in time could help out the obesity rate in the young people of America.This fact then contradicts itself because diet sodas are also known to make you gain weight over time, due to the chemicals and sugar substitutes which causes cravings for other foods.

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Calcium is a key for a strong skeleton in children and adults body. As a growing child, calcium is vital because the bones are actively growing. These are key facts because studies have shown that diet sodas drain the calcium from the bones. There is an active acid in the diet sodas known as phosphoric acid that can increase the calcium excretion in the urine. This is known as calcium loss.The caffeine in diet sodas can drain the calcium from bones and weaken them if it’s not properly replaced. The juvenile diabetes rate is steady rising in America. Many of the patients are told the diet sodas are good to help reduce their sugar intake, but research suggest different.

Never the less, research shows that aspartame, which is an artificial sweetener, that it may cause negative effects for diabetes. By allowing diet sodas in school, this will not help decrease the diabetic rate. Last but not least, diet sodas may not have the same sugars that can cause cavities like regular sodas, they may contribute to enamel breakdown.No child should be losing their permanent teeth due to tooth decay. Some of the most popular diet soft drinks, such as diet coke, diet dr.

pepper, and diet 7-up, have the pH values ranging from 3. 39 to 3. 67(Floria B. ). These values may seem low, but the acid starts to dissolve tooth enamel at a pH value of 5. 5 or less (10 Unsetting). With that being said, I will stick to my opinion of having no sodas in schools. Diet sodas are no better than regular sodas and shouldn’t be allowed in schools.

If teachers and students want to cause this harm to their bodies, it should be done on their own time, and not at the expense of the public schools.